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How long can a red ear slider turtle live without food?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1991points) July 1st, 2008 from iPhone

I’m going on vacation Thursday through Sunday and I’ve never left my turtle alone so I want to know if I feed it Thursday before I leave if it will be ok until I get back.

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From this article: “Some people choose to feed adults only every 3 days, while others prefer to stick to smaller meals and continue feeding them daily.”

Sounds like if you gave him a larger meal Thursday before leaving, and then fed him again Sunday (again a larger meal) he would be OK.

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I suggest you feed him before you leave, and then throw in about 10 feeder roseys (real cheap at pet stores, usually 10 for a dollar) for him while your gone so it gives him something to catch and eat. He wont be able to eat them all at once, so it will last him the 3 days your gone and probably a little while longer.

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Not letting your turtle eat for three days won’t kill it. Think about the animals in the wild, they go several days if not more with out food and do just fine. But feeding him wouldn’t hurt either. Do which ever you feel is right.

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I’m sure a slider could survive at least 7 days without food. Just make sure there’s enough water and that the water is clean.

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omg my class pet is a small red eared slider turtle and it’s gone two days without food what do i do??????????

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