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Can I purchase two Greyhound bus tickets so I can stretch out in my seat?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) March 28th, 2014

I’m 6’5” 275 pounds… I have problems fitting into a greyhound seat and I usually take two seats… Can I purchase two tickets so I can have leg room?

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This is a common practice on airplanes. I don’t see why not.

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Yes. If you have the resources, you can purchase the whole busworth (A word?) of tickets and own be renting every seat.

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Sure. The tricky thing is greyhound often does not have assigned seats, so if the bus is full there is a possibility there won’t be two seats available together if the bus already has people on it when you get on. Why not call Greyhound and ask what is best to do.

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You’d want to make arrangements with Greyhound probably. They may accommodate you, but I’m pretty sure they have standbys too, so you could lose your extra seat without a prior agreement.

(I think airlines only do that with special arrangements, though they have been known to force the issue if someone is too fat.)

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@JLeslie is right. Sometimes the waits are so long and it’s so crowded that the line is more than one bus worth of people. When that happens, they pack the first one to full capacity and start loading up the second one and so on. One time the bus was three hours behind schedule, and the next bus was supposed to be there, so people started lining up for that, etc. until the line snaked all the way around the terminal.

Seriously, fuck Greyhound. I hate them. For the price of two greyhound tickets, you could probably be a lot more comfortable buying one amtrak ticket.

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If the train is an option that is always my preferred mode of travel. That can be booked full also though.

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