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Have you ever been in a physical fight?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) April 15th, 2014 from iPhone

What happened? Did you win? Would you do it that way again?

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When I was a kid I got in a couple of fist fights and won em. Never enjoyed it as I would have to be out of my mind pissed off to get into a fight and I hate getting that mad.

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When I was a kid (up to and through 6th grade) I would get into regular fights. This was in the 70s & early 80s, so it was a different time I suppose. I talk to my son who is in 2nd grade, and he is shocked. He’s never even seen a fight. I can’t remember a week going by without being in or watching a fight after school or during recess.

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With my brothers. Yes, I won. Not too hard to beat them. Outside of a few sibling rivalry matches, I’ve never been in a physical fight.

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Yes, me and by brother used to get into the occasional fight when we were kids, he used to always annoy me and it would be regarding small things like who got to watch TV. One day he slapped me across my face, so I tackled him and scratched him on his face.
Now some people might argue Physical violence no matter who it is coming from is NOT acceptable!! After all he is my brother and no matter what I love him and I knew that we would eventually become just as close as we were before.

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nope, only in my mind. I have known a few people that I would love to slug.

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No. Wait; now I recall fighting back after two years of my ex batting me around for two years. I was gone for good that week. I know; I waited too long.

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I’ve defended myself a few times against an abusive ex, but not a fist fight or with a chick.

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Yes, back in middle and high school. They were always broken up before there was a “winner” I’d say I won most but not all. I don’t think I started any myself. It did not really matter as long as you stood up for yourself. Hell, I remember girls getting in fist fights. They also chewed tobacco and several were preggers before 15. That’s growing up in Appalachia for ya.

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A couple altercations in my younger years. Never amounted to much because I was the aggressor and the jerky party backed down quickly. lol
The most memorable was when I was 18 and caught my boyfriend with his pants down in his car with another girl at a wild party. I literally ripped the entire sleeve off his flannel shirt in one swipe and pulled the girl out of the car by her hair.

She ran away, haha and my boyfriend was dumbstruck at my fury.
Amazing what anger and andrenaline can do, I am only 5’3 and weighed about 110 lbs. but I was a mighty mite!
Another time a woman took my seat in a club, she refused to move so I grabbed her by the collar and tossed her off the chair, she was twice my size, she didn’t come back for more.

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I was at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach my Sophomore year of college. From across a very crowded room an old high school girlfriend spotted me. She ran and jumped on me, and as a result I dumped a full beer on a 200+ pound big black chick. I only mention her color because I was a 110 pound white chick at an Outcast concert. I was the minority, and aware of the “southern thug” vibe in the room.
That huge bitch punched me in the face and I went down. My equally scrawny high school friend jumped on her back like a rabid monkey and tore her weave right off her head. We were both thrown out. I was glad, because there was no way I could turn my back on anyone in that crowd when the lights went down. That’s it for me.

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Several, actually. I had quite the temper when I was younger. No one ever really won. It was usually broken up by someone before either of us could do much damage.

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Once some random guy I have never seen before came up to me in the street. I’m pretty sure he was stoned on something, because his eyes were all weird, the bottoms were all bloodshot. There was a girl with him, she sitting some ways off, and the whole time she didn’t do or say anything. He gets in my path and grabs my shoulders and pushes downward, like he was trying to make me kneel or fall. I stuck both my hands and fingernails in his face while yelling WTF, then he let go of me and I ran, haha.

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Only with my brother when we were kids. He was a miserable little bastard seriously. I’d wake up and he’d be waiting to punch me in the face.

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I’ve been in several small scuffles, but the one that comes to mind is when two guys jumped me on the playground in 5th grade. I have no idea why they did it—though both were bullies, and one later died in a gang fight. In any case, I managed to beat both of them (there’s a reason they decided to go two-on-one). One ran off, one was too injured to move for a bit. My mother managed to keep me from getting into serious trouble over it. Would I do it that way again? Well, I don’t really know what choice I had. They attacked me out of nowhere, I didn’t have the option of running away (because of where they attacked me), and I’ve never believed in pacifism. So yes, I would do it again. Maybe I’d go a little easier on them.

I’m always shocked that anyone decided to fight me again after that, but I did get into a couple of fights in middle school. I always won, too. Chalk it up to being bigger than everyone else. But for the record, I never started the fights.

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I’ve been in enough to have had my ass whipped pretty well a few times.

Took the taste for that shit right out of my mouth.

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If middle school counts then yes.

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Yes, thanks to schooling in the UK in the 70s. I even got bopped on the nose and have been in gang fights. I sometimes wish I could gang fight my neighbour (for example).

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I’ve been in fights since I was 4 I stopped when I was 15… Our school took on a zero tolerance position on fighting. I haven’t been in a real fight in 21 years. I stay away from people and I get my human contact from social workers and Fluther.

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Just with my older brother. We fought tooth and nail; I’m pretty scrappy when I need to be.

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Only pushing or pulling my sister when we were very little.

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How do I kick ass?
Let me count the ways!
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I kick ass lightly,
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I kick ass craftily,
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.copywrite 2014 Jonesen4burgers ;-D

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In high school, I was at the bottom of the pecking order, but was always sent out of class early for lunch and was always among the first 25 kids in one of the 4 lunch lines with 900 kids per lunch period… so I had prime real estate as far as lunch lines went.

A girl gang (complete with matching jackets) would try to push me aside and wedge their group of 8 to 10 girls in front of me. The first time it happened, I was shocked, then realized they did it to any kid they saw as vulnerable. The next time it happened, I took on the leader—puffed up and got into her face. I got shoved quite a bit, shoved back harder—- always won and kept my spot. After 4 or 5 times, they moved on to other kids and left me alone. They would walk by and gesture at me, but I’d puff up and they’d keep going.

When I changed schools in the middle of my junior year, it took me about two weeks to let my guard down in the lunch line—there were only 150 of us in the whole high school and plenty of time to eat.

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Not unless you count rough-housing with siblings, defending oneself from parents, and the couple of times I’ve had to punch people who really deserved it in the face.

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Quite a few. I lived a street life in a sketchy neighbourhood. There were drugs. I have beat the crap out of people and it’s not a fun thing to get arrested for. I am very chill nowadays.

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Unfortunately yes. I usually did well when I actually tried, but most of the time I was more interested in preventing further harm to myself and subduing my attacker/instigator over actually trying to win the fight. Sometimes I would freeze up too since I’m not really a fighter nor have the mentality for it. No matter how many violent situations I’ve been in I just could never get used to being comfortable with fighting like others around me had.

I guess as the result of being involved in so many altercations I had developed somewhat of a ‘sixth sense’, being that I learned to be aware of who’s around me, their demeanor and other tell tale signs that trouble was looming and to get the hell out of there. This is why I rarely go to bars, clubs and parties anymore. It’s also why I don’t date trouble magnets either. It sucks when you have several guys on you too.

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Yeah, I was attacked by this guy in 6th grade, he lost a tooth and I was fine… girl power!

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