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What makes you wistful?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) April 22nd, 2014

I do not believe in regrets, but once in a while, I get wistful.

If you can’t or don’t or won’t link, Websters says: “having or showing sad thoughts and feelings about something that you want to have or do and especially about something that made you happy in the past”.

I, personally, do not believe in regrets, but occasionally I remember great things in the past that I could have build upon if I’d been a little more experienced.

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I was a dancer for 12 years “way back when.” I realized much later that I was really good, but my self confidence and self perception didn’t allow me to continue. I still love dancing but won’t get my 18 year old body back—I could get back in shape, but won’t have the same physical resiliency and power that I used to have.

I don’t regret it, but any time I watch good dancing of any kind, I wonder, and yes, am wistful.

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I sometimes wish I had accepted who I was sooner. It would make me a happier person right now.

And by the way, this always give me a pain in my chest whenever I think of it.

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My dad passed just over a year ago and not a day goes by where I don’t get wistful especially when my son’s reach a very cool milestone in their lives…

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Hugs from a certain beautiful young woman.

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I look back at pictures of myself back in my teens and 20’s and wish I had realized I wasn’t the ugly girl I thought I was.

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But, @linguaphile, you were a dancer for twelve years. That ‘s amazing.

Sux, @Mimishu1995

HUG, @Cruiser

I think ur on ur own, @talljasperman?

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@talljasperman ((( HUGS ))) myself.

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@ibstubro very kind…thank you!

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That I didn’t keep playing music for pay instead; I got married, went back to school, got my college degree.

Twenty-five years later bumped in to a guy at work that was still playing ( banjo and guitar ), he said I was was one of the best string bass and electric bass guitar players that he ever played with because I could play so many different styles of music from classical to jazz or bluegrass and all types of rock and roll.

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I usually am a mover on-er, not overly sentimental, but man, losing my home last year and my pets, still is a killer at times. It was the end of an era for me, one that I will never return to. I was JUST thinking, after visiting my geese on Sunday that is has been 397 days and that sounds SO long!
I also can get sentimental in the fall, remembering my daughters school days when she was little, coming home on cool, blustery afternoons all cozy in the house.

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I received my bachelors in Taxation and decided to just stop pursuing my dream to be a CA. Somewhere deep in my heart it still hurts, when others remind me the importance of higher studies. They kept reminding me that I could continue once my child goes to school. I tried too but then realized that it was not that easy to manage both. Some people can, some can’t. They are ME. But now I realize my decision was not that bad, when I see my daughter grow into a responsible kid. I don’t mean to say that working people can’t manage but I am happy that I could devote my whole attention and time for my child.

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Any pictures of New Zealand. I miss it terribly.

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I never usually look back, at least with negativity, but my dog died suddenly just after xmas, she was only four & totally adorable…I miss her massively.

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@ucme Sorry about your loss :( I used to lose a dog too, so I understand how you feel.

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I used to really love fly-fishing, but I gave it up when I could no longer justify ruining the day of these beautiful creatures for my own pleasure. That was 25 years ago, but the longing still wells up every now and then. I dream of trout.

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I was a beautiful young man, @chyna, and never realized it until it was passed. I’ve never believed myself attractive, but I was at one time.

Still, you did well for youeself, @Tropical_Willie. As the band-mate you ran into successful? Emotionally and/of financially?

I know it’s been a hell of an adjustment for you, @Coloma, but you seem to be pulling out of it lately. Don’t let the Q get you in a funk.

I think having a great kid will be more rewarding for you in the long run, @Smitha. Stay the course and no regrets.

I have friends that lived in New Zealand, @cazzie, and I’ve heard a lot about it. I can see why you would miss living there.

Sorry, @ucme. I don’t remember you mentioning it before. I feel for you…when my last pet died, I vowed to not have another indoor, ‘best buddy’ pet.

No ‘catch and release’? @thorninmud. Sure, you catch them, but think of the exhilaration on escaping!

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@ibstubro Yeah, I did C&R, but a lot of fish don’t survive even careful C&R. And at best, I’ve subjected that fish to several minutes of stark terror. Their lives are already challenging enough without my meddling.

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@ibstubro I took a short break from Fluther right after, cried constantly for days, a couple of jellies asked where i’d been & they were told. Kept it largely quiet, ho hum, life goes on.

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Sorry to hear it, still, @ucme. My last pet was a 20# cat that was just sweet. He liked to sleep with the heel of my hand over his eyes and my fingers covering his ears. That’s what we were doing when the vet came in with the news that he should be put down. I had just recently been stoic through my favorite aunt’s death, and it just tore me up.

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@ibstubro She was so full of life & had many years in front of her, that’s what made it so tragic. She was like my shadow & all of a sudden was gone, left a very large hole.

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Not having kids. It’s not too late but time is running out fast. Not exactly “wistful” but It’s all that comes to mind.

@thorninmud I have recently started fly fishing again. I had forgotten how challenging and peaceful it was. I also did not remember how expensive the gear was…. jeeze. I think it is more healthy and humane to take a creature that has had the chance to live properly than support farming of them. I take and consume the legal ones, release the others. I admit that I feel bad when I’m cleaning them but I get over it quick when they come out of the oven.

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I never had kids, but I never regretted it, @ARE_you_kidding_me. GA on the fly fishing!

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@ARE_you_kidding_me My ex was an avid fly fisherman and tired his own flies.
I kept chickens for years he was always snipping off a few hackle and saddle feathers from my guys. I even ordered him some Jungle Fowl. Match the hatch! :-)

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@Coloma I used to work for a flyfishing wholesaler in New Zealand. I learned more about fur and feathers than I care to remember. The guy was crazy and his wife worked in the office and he used to yell and berate her in front of the staff. When I handed in my notice, I told him what I thought of him. (I was only young, and should have stood up sooner.) I think he should have done more fishing and less yelling.

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@cazzie I think he should have become a human fly for a great white shark. lol

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@Coloma I attempted to tie my own a time or two. It took enough effort for me not to risk loosing them by actually using them! The guys in the shop tie them so fast and cheap that I just buy them.

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Memories of people I’ve loved and lost.

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Cars that aren’t ruined by smog controls, passive safety features and driving aids.

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I love the smell of a crushed combustion engine in the morning.

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^Okay. You’ve caught me in the mood.

So you’re positive no internal combustion engine was used to get you your computer or the electricity that powers it?

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A proper, lard filled, trans fats fried pre nannystate Mcdonald’s apple pie.

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@SecondHandStoke Hahaha.
If humans don’t war themselves into extinction there’s always McDonalds apple pies and Big Macs to finish off the survivors. lol

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“Gimmie Big Mac.

Gimme fries to go.

It’s Defcon 1, gotta go below.”

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