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Why am I awake right now?

Asked by GloPro (8306points) April 25th, 2014 from iPhone

Seriously, I have never had issues with insomnia until 2014 started.

I am up for the day around 6:30 to 7:30, and I take no naps. I’m wiped out by 11pm. I have no problems falling asleep. I don’t go to bed full or with a buzz (well, maybe once a week on both). I sleep in the dark.

I wake up around 2:30 or 3am almost nightly, for going on 5 months now. I toss around, get up to pee, then lay here. I worry about things that don’t bother me in the daytime. I get anxious til my heart pounds while I’m laying still. I distract myself with Fluther for at least an hour, and go back to sleep around 5am.

I’m annoyed. I’m teaching my puppy these terrible sleeping patterns. What is up and what can I do?

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Do you drink coffee or any other similar things? Are you overexcited or overanxious? Do you stay indoor and don’t let enough sunlight in?

Maybe those are possible causes of your insomnia.

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I’m a big fan of Melatonin. You can buy it over the counter. I get pretty vivid dreams when I take it. But it could help with your sleeping. And 120 pills is 8 bucks.

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I avoid stimulants. I’ve even cut my adderal back to 10mg first thing in the morning.
I’ve been overexcited my whole life.

Melatonin gives me vivid dreams, too, which I love. If it turns to sleepwalking that’s not so fun. I feel overly groggy in the mornings. It might make a temporary fix, though, until my body can get out of this cycle. I don’t really need to function in the morning right now.

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I keep an old-fashioned Sony Walkman next to me and listen to books on CDs whenever I can’t get back to sleep. It turns off the brain and also gives me a chance to read/hear some wonderful books. I eventually fall asleep. I do run through AA batteries like tootsie rolls however.

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@GloPro It seems that your body doesn’t need to rest. You can use the sleeping pill @johnpowell suggests, but I’m not in favor of sleeping pill. It may harm your health.

I think your body is now used to be a night owl. If so, then it’s hard to change. If this habit does no harm to your daily life, then it’s OK not to change.

@gailcalled Just FYI, I can never sleep when there’s music playing.

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I used to do that, then I read a thing about first sleep, second sleep. The impediment to Second Sleep for me was the angst about not getting back to sleep. Now I’m not worried (which lessens dramatically the stimulus) and I’ll read what I call “coma books”. These are books that are light and familiar and a bit boring that require no thought. A small book light limits the wakening effect of light. Any audio gets the dogs excited, or I would do as @gailcalled does with audio books.
Hope you sleep better!

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Could be many things.

1. The things you are worried about need to be addressed.

2. Your thyroid has become overactive.

3. Some sort of new brain wave pattern that disrupts your sleep.

4. If you are taking a new medication it might affect your sleep cycle.

I think it is most likely number one.

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Welcome to my world. That is exactly what I do.
I have to wait until I am completely worn out before going to bed, and that usually only guarantees 3 hours of sleep. The best sleeping aid I have found is alcohol, so I often have a beer before bed.

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To actually answer the Q as asked, it may be because of the puppy. When I raise a puppy I am hyper aware of the puppy at all times, especially at night. It usually takes me about 8 months before I trust the housebreaking and the sleep patterns of the pup. The puppy is usually completely squared away after a few weeks.

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Are you drinking alcohol at night?

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The average, well-hydrated adult produces urine at the rate of 1ml /kg of body weight /hour. For easy math let’s say you weigh 55 kg. In 4 hours you will produce 220 ml. The typical micturation point is 250 to 500 ml.
Try not to drink anything 2 or 3 hours before bed. Nothing after 8:00 PM.

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Good point @LuckyGuy. Maybe she has been drinking later at night before bed.

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We are nothing but thermodynamic machines that take in water, air, plant and vegetable matter and produce work, heat, CO2, water and waste.

Those numbers are so easy to measure I don’t know why everyone doesn’t know their storage capacity and rate of production. They should be in the manual that came with our bodies.

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Maybe your one of those individuals who doesn’t need over 5 hours of sleep a night, it does happen. Now your ‘tradition’ kicks in and you think you should have more and because everyone else in the house, your friends and even neighbors are sawing logs, you feel there’s nothing left but more sleep but your fighting your own nature, doing or thinking what ever comes into your mind that will keep you awake then to relieve the anxieties that tired you out you drop of just about the time everyone eolse is waking up.. I had similar problems until I discovered I was a night owl and 5 – 6 hours was enough to get me going again so I got a thiird shifft job and have been content ever since. That doesn’t mean this will solve your problem but noticing how many hours you sleep before you wake up then realize it’s part of your nature, this will help more than worrying why these things happen.

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