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How can I break into the medical billing profession?

Asked by osakarob (1304points) July 12th, 2007

My sister in law completed her courses in medical billing and has completed some licensing exams. She is looking for jobs in the field, but even entry level ones seem hard to get. The experience Catch-22. Anyone have any advice about job sites specific to medical billing. She is in the Detroit area and multi-lingual. English/French/Arabic.

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She could give this a shot first:;=/hc.ic/Michigan_Detroit_HealthInfoMgtQA.htm&cbRecursionCnt;=1&cbsid;=9f8d17f7e1ea41fe85070b1e58487153-237575220-RW-4

Here are all of the major healthcare players in Detroit. I know Henry Ford is a great health system to work for, and their employees seem to be quite happy. If she could start out with a good organization, there would be a lot of room for movement.

I haven't heard of Medical Billing Practices sites specific to that area, but the fact that she is multilingual makes her more marketable than the average graduate.

One thing she can do to get some leads, and her foot in the door is to schedule "informational" interviews with key Medical Billing Directors/Managers at the big players in town. She can get on their calendar for a 30 minute, in-person or phone interview, simply to tell them she's relocated to the area and wants to know where to start. This is a great way to network, while she's also looking, shows that she's willing to take initiative and puts her resume at the top of the pile should something open. Those jobs can turn over quickly, so, you never know.

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As an addendum to this, she can also contact the HR departments of these major players and ask who they use as their temp agency. During the summers when everyone's on vacation, hospitals rely heavily on these. Getting a temp gig will not only get her foot in the door, but will also give her an inside lead on who else might be hiring.

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