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How many people in life really "get" you?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) April 29th, 2014 from iPhone

How do you know when you have found that rare connection?

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On the off chance that you read replies, too…
I mean a real connection. I get you. I forgive you. I understand you. I feel the need for you to explore other lifestyles. I forgive you for leaving me. I realize that we will never work. I find you fascinating. I wish you lived closer. I wish we could meet in person.

Ececetra, ececetra…

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Wow great great question.

probably a handful

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“The intense desire to talk with someone, sharp as any pain; this was what people meant when they talked about love. Or rather; this was what Sax would acknowledge to be love. Just the super-heightened desire to share thoughts. That alone.” -KSR, Blue Mars

There are probably three or four people out there like that. With one person in particular, I’ve just started discovering how deep his thoughts really go. It’s like the joy and surprise of unwrapping a present again and again and again. My respect for him is growing by leaps and bounds.

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<——Do you really think someone can understand this mafioso? ~

[Serious answer]: I don’t think so. My star sign is Gemini, and you know, people with Gemini star sign often have at least two personalities, some of which can be contradict. I’m no different, and as a result, people often have a hard time understand me. And if someone do get me, it’s just one personality that they get and not others :p I also control my personalities as well, only letting certain people to see my certain “selves”

Not to mention my “extraordinary” interests that add to my mysterious personalities…

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@Haelth I’m so happy for you. Please don’t shield your part of your path!

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“Get”? I would say only two. My wife tolerates my quirks as she admires what I can do and what type of person I am, while a mutual friend of ours is just as screwy as I am.

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My ex “got me.” He just wasn’t a good partner. So I’m sad because I saw him. He’s still outwardly everything I wanted. Inwardly, projecting everything I want. It’s just a feeling that he isn’t sincere. My heart hurts bad today. I feel very sad. Take this post in any direction you would like. I’m just paying attention.

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@GloPro I’m sorry to hear that… I can’t give you any advice, being asexual and never having encountered a romantic relationship before… I can just show you my sympathy…

Do you intent to leave him?

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@Mimishu1995 I haven’t seen him since Christmas, at a function. Before that, a wedding in September. It isn’t about me. I wish he was the one, but he isn’t.

wait. I saw him today. He gave me a crate for our dogs. They no longer need them, so this gift is for my puppy.

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@GloPro I’m so sorry you are sad right now. Wish I could do something for you…

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Just my brother. He’s my best and truest friend.

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@Mimishu1995 Aquarians understand Geminis, but only because they are crazy enough for two or more!
I’m sad for you @GloPro for getting so close and finding the rust beneath the gold.
@AshLeigh You are lucky indeed to have found a true friend in your brother. I will be happy if I don’t see mine in at least ten more years.

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@GloPro ”...when you have found that rare connection…”

I don’t find them. I create them.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies what if the recipient isn’t sincere?

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They get left behind with good wishes and a smile.

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That feeling/ answer just sucks. I get it, but I don’t like it.

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One. One of my severely disabled, non-verbal students is literally the person who knows me best. She gets mad at me, I get frustrated with her. And then we forgive each other. She can pick up when I’m sad when others don’t, and I can calm her down when others fail just because of our friendship. She’s 15 years younger than me, but I will sorely miss her as I leave for school in August.

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0, including myself.

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Zero fully understand me.

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Depends how far I let them in. I keep my walls pretty high around me. I got hurt a bunch at times, so it’s up to me how much I open up.

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@GloPro “That feeling/ answer just sucks. I get it, but I don’t like it.”

From the giver perspective, it might suck if you let it. But that’s just because someone didn’t want your (our) “rare connection”. Feels like rejection. “I’m not good enough”.

Embrace that rejection. For it is far better than promoting co-dependency.

Instead of searching for the right person, I’d rather become the right person.

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In my experience there is no “right” person only “ok” persons…

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None, I think, including me.

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Great answer and observation, @Pachy @hominid

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Thanks, @GloPro. I was afraid my comment might have come off as glib, but that’s not what I intended.

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My daughter gets me, to a degree, but really, I’d have to go with a big fat zero as well. haha
I have suffered a drought of compatible friends for the last 7 or 8 years now. Thankfully I am pretty self contained for an extrovert. I know and get myself, that’s all that really matters.

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I just had to fire an employee because her personal life turmoil was spilling over into the work place.

She doesn’t think “I get her”. But the reality is that I get her more than she gets herself. She refuses to believe her work attitude has changed for the worse. She doesn’t get it. Everyone else does.

Point being, I think sometimes that other people get you better than you get yourself. Other people don’t typically wear rose colored glasses when looking upon you.

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I barely understand myself, couldn’t speak for anyone else. XD

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I have two best friends who completely get me. We’ve been together for over 9 years now. I feel so lucky to have them!

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I’d say about three or four people at least but I just lost one of the ones who got me the most.

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Only my mom.

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