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I am 5'10, is my height good for a guy?

Asked by dartfeld (27points) April 29th, 2014

Does 6’0 tower over me?

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Interesting question, @dartfeld. I’ve seen it a lot lately. So I think there must be a demand for an honest answer…

Whew!!! When I think of my perfect man, his height is from 5’10” and 6’2”. I can’t say anything more until I know more details.

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I’m tall and lanky though in real life.

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Then why ask others? Why not ask how to enhance your qualities outside of height?

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I swear I will pull out of this site if people aren’t nice for no reason here.

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My husband is 5’10” and I like his height very much. I never was attracted to men over 6 ft. I don’t mean I would not consider them, I just mean if you ask me about my “type” who would catch my eye when scanning a room, as far as height it would be 5’9”-6’.

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It’s fine. That’s taller than half the guys I know.

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Y’think this person will come up with a new question, like “my feet are only size 9, will I still be attractive?”

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The average height of American men is about 5’9” ½, so you’re a little above average height. I’m just a bit under 5’10”, so I’m not going to beat myself over my ‘short’ height, and I usually attract more women over guys who are taller than me anyways. Don’t beat yourself here about something you can’t change, and you’re not the first guy to ask questions about whether their height is attractive to women or not.

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nope. no good for a guy.

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@dartfeld I’m gay, and I’m 6’ 3” tall or 191 cm. I like men who are shorter than me. Are you single?

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I still say this is a valid question, and it sucks that 5’10” may be shy of other’s standards. 5’10” is standard.

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Nope, guys like them smaller.

Would you not rather go for girls? They adem to appreciatie height more.

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@dartfeld: “Does 6’0 tower over me?”

6’0” is approximately 2” taller than 5’10”, give or take 0”.

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5’10” is a little over average, which means that more than 50% of men are shorter. The difference between 5’10” and 6’0” is so small as to be pretty much un-noticeable unless the two men stand back-to-back.

I am only 5’6” and I still see plenty of men who are even shorter than I am.

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@dartfeld Where do you live and how old are you and how diverse is your community? In America depending where you live you might feel tall or short. I know a lot of people mentioned average height, but if you live up in Minnesota where there are a lot of Germans and Scandanavians you might feel like the men around you tend to be taller. If you live in Texas you are tall. If you are young and going by your peer group and are white you might feel average with a significant amount of men who are taller. The average height for young white men I think is 5’101/2” in America. The average height for Asians and Hispanics is much less. I think Hispanics is 5’8” it might be shorter. Average heigh in America depends a lot on who is immigrating here in large numbers.

When I am in Miami I am tall, when I am in Wisconsin I am average.

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A similar question was asked yesterday by a new user who is no longer here. Are you that person, reincarnated?

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Good for what? As an old girlfriend once told me, “you’re height doesn’t mean anything if you’re lying down on the bed next to me”

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Your height is just a measure of how high they piled the bullshit. What’s key is what’s inside of you.

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Well actually, the taller you are, the more likely you are to have a successful career!

’[R]esearchers found that on an average an increase in height by one inch at age 16 increased male adult wages by 2.6 percent. This is equal to increase of approximately $850 in 1996 annual earning.’

See here in Wikipedia

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I’m short but I like a guy friend to be in the 5’ 10” range to 6’. I think 5’10” is a fine height.

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Yup i’m 5’10 :P

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5’10 is a perfectly decent height, although you might be a dwarf on some other planet somewhere. lol

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It’s a good height!

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I rather my men be too tall than too wide. Just kidding. sorta

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Most stores have a height marker by the door to see if you’re at least six feet tall. If the barista is rude to you or if your grocery bagger doesn’t ask if you prefer paper or plastic, it’s not a coincidence. It’s because you’re not six feet tall and do not meet their AH-HA (Average Height for Hospitable Acknowledgement) standard requirements.~

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FYI @dartfeld, on Fluther, we use the tilde ~ to indicate sarcasm or a joke.

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