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Why would a 54 year old alcoholic male do this?

Asked by Aster (18220points) April 30th, 2014

My older daughter has a male friend she keeps telling me “is crazy . ” Yesterday he picked up a live wasp, put it in his mouth and washed it down with beer. Finish this sentence: “this is a sign of ….”

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A heavy drunk.

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Someone who has burned out all of their higher-functioning thought processes.
A childish lunatic.

That’s textbook disorder right there. Doing something like that, ether means that “friend” of hers is ether mentally retarded, or has drank himself into a state of mental retardation.

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I put cigarettes out on my tongue as a prank. It doesn’t hurt if you know how to do it. Some chicks dig it.

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…being a middle-aged chronic male alcoholic who has pickled his brain and fried the inhibition center.”

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an alcoholic who enjoys doing odd things?

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This is a sign that you need to run out for more beer. Where there is one wasp, there will be more. Keep the beer flowing and he will continue to play exterminator for you.

You already have the answer -> Alcoholic.

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Attention seeking!

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Just another sign of someone that should be exterminated as they contribute nothing to their environment but stupidity. Someone needs to push him off a pier into the jaws of a great white. Bon Voyage.

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He’s showing off to dazzle and get a rise out of the young ladies. Hopefully none went home with him that night – or any following.
(Sadly, I wouldn’t bet on it.)

I can see the FB post now…. “Ashley, U R right. Tonys totally so fun for an OM! 2morow I stay at his place.”

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This is a sign of a 54 year old teenager.

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@gondwanalon Exactly. Unfortunately there are a few young women out there who find that attractive. Ugh!

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…him having a tiny penis & the tweezers he uses for masturbation have broken.

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…an inability to leave his frat days behind him.

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^^^^^^^^ He never attended college and doesn’t work. He is on disability and lives off food stamps and street begging. I’ve not heard of any physical disabilities.

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Straight up faulty wiring.

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This is the sign of neurologically different wiring and a lack of executive functioning.

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Wow, what an idiot. I know the wasp was washed down with beer, and therefore probably had a lot of problems doing anything but…I know a guy who accidentally swallowed a wasp while he was bike riding, and it stung him inside his throat. The guy had to get medical attention because it caused some kind of infection and the wound inside his throat got all bloated.

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@LuckyGuy I don’t understand the immediate “Ugh!” implied when you use “54 year-old man” and “attractive” in a sentence.
There are many 54 year-old men who are far more attractive than youngsters in their 20s and 30s.
{Is thirty still over the hill?}

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It gives the beer a bit of sting

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Perhaps he thought he would impress her (not sure how old she is). To me it’s a sign of an idiot who is trying to show off.

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If I were 54, uneducated, on disability and panhandling,, I’d probably be drinking beer and snacking on wasps.

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@jca Anybody who swallows insects to be impressive fails miserably. I’d swallow insects; to survive, like that guy in Papillon. But that’s it.

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Steve McQueenbee

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“this is a sign of ….”

…one who likes a little sting in their cocktails.

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@Aster, I think you just answered your own question:

“This is a sign of…”

…someone who “never attended college and doesn’t work. He is on disability and lives off food stamps and street begging. I’ve not heard of any physical disabilities.”

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@Yetanotheruser Gee, other than street begging, that describes my husband. I can guarantee you he does not swallow bugs with beer.
And what does attending college have to do with it?

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@anniereborn Just using @Aster‘s words to make an obvious answer to the question. I agree college has nothing to do with it.

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@Dan_Lyons The “Ugh” was not that he was 54. There are plenty of good looking, classy guys at that age. They have good jobs, money, education, stability and grown kids.
The “Ugh” was that there are likely plenty of young females who would think his alcohol fueled exuberance and immaturity are attractive.
I figure, they deserve each other.

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….a person your daughter should try to avoid!

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@Symbeline: I meant what @LuckyGuy said. If the girl is of an age where she is sexually attractive (to him, which could be as young as 12 or 13, unfortunately), she may be saying “Wow, you’re crazy” looking at him in an awestruck fashion, which he may take as encouragement.

I don’t think it’s impressive, but maybe a young girl would and maybe he might think it is, too. To me, it’s just moronic behavior.

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Ahhh…then I must agree with you 100% @LuckyGuy!

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@gailcalled I almost died laughing. lol !!!!

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This is a sign of behavior that gives highly functioning, middle aged, educated alcohlics like myself a bad name.

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People are weird. That is all. I am in same boat as @Blondesjon

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….a massive undiagnosed brain aneurysm.

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alcoholism…it makes you do crazy stuff. Girls are really attracted to drunk old losers? How old is your daughter? I’d keep her away from that if at all possible.

@Symbeline Papillon what a F’ing great movie!

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Damn straight. I bought the novel at a thrift a store last week, can’t wait to see what that’s like.

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I second @Aster with @gailcalled comment! Hilarious! :-D

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Some people are crazy. Crazy people do crazy stuff. That’s why we call ‘em “crazy”.

That doesn’t mean, @Coloma, that they should be killed for what amounts to fairly harmless (except to wasps) behavior, no matter how distasteful we may find such a person.

We know literally nothing else about this cat except that he gets loaded and eats wasps. That’s kind of gross, but I have at least one friend who was a lot worse at that age. Since then he’s cleaned up his act rather a lot- but even at that stage, his family still loved him and he was a productive member of society and a veteran. There are lots of guys like him around… and if someone’s psyche is fractured (not necessarily the case in this Q, but several answerers implied that it’s so) that’s not their fault.

There’s a lot of judgment and hate in this thread for some guy you’ve only ever heard of at third hand. I don’t know about you lot.

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@Symbeline when you’ve finished Papillon and wonder what next, his next book is called ‘Banko” and it picks up where Papillon finsishes..

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” we know nothing about this cat except he gets loaded and eats wasps….”

Haha really, as if that isn’t enough of a tip off that the guys cheese has slipped off his cracker, if he had any cheese to begin with.
I wouldn’t call some modestly sardonic humor “hate.” But seriously….who cares if the guy is drinking beer, but to make a point of swallowing insects as some sort of attention seeking and juvenile display of idiocy is in poor taste, pun intended.

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@trailsillustrated There’s a sequel? Nice, did not know that. Thanks for letting me know. :) (basing myself from the movie I assume it takes place after he escapes on that makeshift raft, that is if that’s how the book also ends)

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i won’t spoil it but it follows what happens after that, and the life he makes for himself in his new country.

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