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How should I tackle the multiple split-ends of my hair?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) May 1st, 2014

Any suggestions? is there anything that can help prevent split-ends. I cut my long hair recently so that I could get rid of the split ends and enable the growth of fresh hair, but once again the split ends are appearing. Is there any way I can cure it? Please. Any shampoo, oil or anything, natural remedy??

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A really good conditioner and always brush from the bottom up. Don’t pull any tangles out gently loosen them from the bottom.

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Make sure you cut a good amount off. If your hair was really long and hadn’t been cut in a while, it might take a good 6 inches to get rid of the raggy ends.

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Despite what the commercials say, split ends can not be mended – they have to be cut off, and then prevented with quality hair care products and minimal abuse. Styling products that contain alcohol and styling tools that use heat will dry out the hair and leave it vulnerable to breakage and splitting.

I use shampoos, conditioners and leave-in treatments that contain Moroccan Argan oil and Tahitian Monoi oil – they are pricey, so I try to stock up on them when there’s a sale. I let my hair dry naturally and used combs and brushes that have thick bristles, and I don’t get split ends the way I used to.

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This is how you find out how often you need to cut your hair… if the ends are splitting every 2 months, you need a haircut every 2 months (or less). We’re not all equal in this respect. Also, I found that it has changed for me with age.

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Prevention is key.

Use a good smoothing conditioner.

Don’t brush your hair when it is soaking wet, it can pull and stretch the hair and cause it to break.

Use a vent brush, the kind that has space between each tooth of the brush. I don’t know if tooth is the right term, but that type of a brush is similar to a comb in that it is like a bunch of single needles. If you use a round brush for styling, only use it when your hair is dry or very very close to dry and only at the ends. When brushing through knots hold the hair right above the know and start detailing from the bottom and work your way up towards the scalp.

Let your hair dry naturally part way if you aren’t already. I dry my hair a little, then I dress, or eat, or put on make-up, and let it air dry 10–20 minutes, and then come back and do final drying and styling.

If your hair has been very dry consider medical conditions like a thyroid condition as a possibility if you also have other symptoms That might point to it.

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I think some people are immune to split ends without even trying, I believe this because I am one of those people, luckily for me. I would suggest generously cutting off the hair that is already split and making sure to use a decent shampoo and conditioner, on the ends at least if the rest of your hair does not need conditioner. I think not combing when wet is an excellent idea. Perhaps you could look at diet, I know Evening Primrose Oil is highly recommended for both hair and skin, you could try that, not expensive.

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I look for them individually and chew them off. Yeah, its not very attractive but at least I don’t eat them. I do get trims too occasionally but I find the process of looking for them manually to be therapeutic and relaxing.

I don’t really know how to prevent them though, sorry. I have just accepted it as a general thing that occurs when I grow my hair out.

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