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What is your attitude to card games and which one is your favourite?

Asked by leska (6points) July 19th, 2015

My boyfriend is addicted to card games. Everyday we spend a couple hours playing blackjack or poker. I want to be a great girlfriend and share his interests, but i don’t really like gambling. What would you suggest to play by myself for a start?

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You start by saying ‘my boyfriend is addicted’

May I suggest the dating game as a game you should pick up for yourself?
Addicted people you don’t need in your life.

And sorry to sound so harsh… I just have little tolerance for addicted people in my life. It is bad enough if you have a life long partner that becomes addicted. To start out a relationship with one is of another nature.

And… welcome to flutter.

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I would rather watch paint dry than to play cards.

It sounds like maybe your boyfriend has a bit of a gambling problem.

Have you tried suggesting other activities to your boyfriend? If he balks or says he isn’t interested, you better prepare yourself for a life of this kind of activity. I’d die of boredom with someone like that.

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Card games are great…. Especially if they’re just games with no gambllings involved…. I love whots!

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If you want to play cards, either alone or together, I suggest you look for “Hoyle’s Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games.” Card games can be fun, and they’re less expensive than video games. I grew up playing crazy eights, rummy, casino and euchre, as well as a variety of solitaire games.

If, however, your concern is about your boyfriend’s obsession, then you need a different kind of advice. A couple of hours a day may or may not be an addiction.

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Big difference between gambling games and fun card games. Hearts, Spades, Bridge, Canasta, all fun and enjoyable, and they work the brain.

My favorite is cribbage.

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Well, you can play poker without actually gambling. So what stakes do you play for?

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And BTW, the phrase “I want to be a good girlfriend…_” makes me uncomfortable. Does this mean you will always be willing to put your own interest and desires ins second place, behind his?

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Rummy is fun.

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@zenvelo My favourite is cribbage too. I used to play it with my grandfather when I was very young.

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I was big into spades when I was in my 20s. I’d play it all the time. I got into euchre and hearts too.

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