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Did Tom Clancy choose the name "Putin" because he knew what was coming in Russia?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22211points) May 11th, 2014

In the movie Hunt for Red October (and also the book, of course) the sub’s political officer – the one who Ramius kills at the beginning of the book/movie – is named Putin. He is portrayed as an intelligence weasel who is there to keep his eye on the sub captain.

Of course now Putin is the leader of Russia and slimy intelligence weasel in his own way. Did Tom Clancy have the (current) Putin in mind when he wrote the role? Or is Putin a common name in Russia?

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I think Putin is a common name in Russia like Svetlana, Olya, or Oga.

How do you know Putin the Russian pres. is slimy….kinda leading doesn’t it seem?

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No, in the 1980s Vladimir Putin was just a lowly KGB agent whose job included things like pretending to be a tourist when Reagan visited Red Square.

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