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What's your favorite ventriloquist doll?

Asked by ventriloquist (9points) May 14th, 2014

What’s your favorite ventriloquist doll? Are you a ventriloquist? Do you like ventriloquism?

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My favorite ventriloquist doll of all time is Scarface. Very interesting character!

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A broken, burnt one

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Achmed and Walter are both really funny. They are dolls used by Jeff Dunham. YouTube him or look for his videos. He is so good.

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I like Jeff Dunham’s work, too. Walter, José Jalapeño on a Stick, Achmed the dead terrorist. Great ideas.

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The Allen Harper dummy as seen on 2.5 Men.

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I’ll vote for Achmed the Dead Terrorist too.

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Johnny and Pedro. S’alright? S’alright.

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None. I’ve always found ventriloquists and their acts kind of creepy.

Of course, a lot of what I know about this subject comes from watching the TV Series “Soap” when I was a kid.

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Here is the link to Achmed the Dead Terrorist . Very clever stuff.

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Condoleezza Rice!

But seriously, I loved ventriloquism when I was a kid. I sent away many a dime and box top for pathetic “How to Learn Ventriloquism” pamphlets, but needless to say, I never learned the art.

At that time the go-to ventriloquist was Paul Winchell, whom I loved. Many of today’s older ventriloquists, far more sophisticated and clever than Winchell was, claim him as their inspiration for getting into the business.

I also loved Edgar Bergen, who had one of the most popular radio shows of all time. To this day people wonder how a ventriloquism act could possibly work on radio—and yet it did!!!

I have to admit I don’t care for the Jeff Dunham dolls at all, especially the “funny dead terrorist” Achmed. To me, terrorism just isn’t funny.

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For sheer originality, i’ve loved Julius, Terry Fator’s soul-singing puppet from the first time I saw him.

He looks sorta like Sammy Davis and sounds like Marvin Gaye.

Fator is known as “the singing ventriloquist” and he and his puppets have a repetoire of more than 100 songs. In addition to being a really good vent, he’s also a skilled impersonator and does tons of impressions; everything from Elvis and Etta James to Kermit the Frog.

He was the hands down winner of the second season of America’s Got Talent and still has a long running show in Vegas; a uniquely talented guy.

I also like Jeff Dunham but Terry Fator is my absolute
fave over all. The combination of the vent skills, the impersonations and singing skill makes for an unbeatable combo for me.

Hunt him up on YouTube if you’re unfamiliar with his talent.

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And don’t forget Ronald Reagan. He was the biggest dummy US President of all time!
Same goes for him as Governor, too.
Come to think of it, he wasn’t much of an actor either.

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@Buttonstc Fator is incredible.

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