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Did I lose all my GA points when the question got deleted?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5452points) May 20th, 2014

I gave a great analysis of a dream question and the question got deleted.
But I was getting an awful lot of GA points.
Do I lose them when the question is deleted.

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As @Seaofclouds mentioned here, any Good Answers accumulated on a deleted question will not be retroactively removed. The only time lurve is removed from a user is when they create a secondary account and lurve their own questions/responses.

Unfortunately, those answers will be inaccessible to users in the future once the question is deleted.

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@muppetish Do people really go to all the trouble to make a 2ndary account just to lurve themselves?
And thanks for the link to that question. I saw @Seaofclouds answer just after I redid this question due to its needing edited.

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@Dan_Lyons Not recently, but it has happened in the past enough that we stay on the alert for any suspicious activity between accounts.

And there’s nothing wrong with giving this its own question!

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heh I remember when Porksoda did that back in the day. Andrew or Ben changed his lurve to something like -15000

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Seriously? Negative lurve? I wanna see that haha.

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@dxs After about a week they set his lurve back to 0. AFAIK he was the only one to have negative lurve.

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Oops, can’t name him… He isn’t here to defend himself. Edit to some jelly…

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If I am remembering correctly the guy who set it to negative was a paid developer for Fluther and he was fired for the stunt. At least that is what Andrew said. Maybe he just wanted to sound like a tough guy.

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@Dan_Lyons Do people really go to all the trouble to make a 2ndary account just to lurve themselves?

Spammers who want their spam thread more objective do so. A spammer create two account named A and B. @A asks something (not intended to be answered), @B GQ @A and spams, then @A GA @B.

It happens from time to time :P

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No, @Dan_Lyons, you kept your points.

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