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How loyal are you?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) May 25th, 2014

When have you given enough? When do realize your loyalty is misplaced? When do you feel free to walk away? If you do choose to walk away are you betraying that loyalty?

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I’ve been known to be far too loyal. Committed to jobs much longer than was healthy (when they clearly didn’t give a shit about me). Hung on to family member for too many years (when they were clearly toxic to my life). Tried keeping friendships alive too many times (when it was clearly a one way street).

Loyalty and commitment + low self-esteem = sucker.

That’s been me. I keep trying not to make those mistakes again.

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@cookieman understandable. And how do you intend to accomplish that goal.

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Unlike trust that has to be reciprocated for trust to be established and maintained, loyalty operates on many levels both blatant and very subtle.

An employee will be loyal to a fault and perhaps even compromise their mores to keep a job and even get ahead at their job.

Loyalty in relationships is a fairly obvious one where if you are not loyal often you find yourself very single.

Loyalty from a pet or to a pet is to sustain that pets health and well being and get a little loving in return.

You can be loyal to a sports team or product brand, music or band. Lots of types and styles to loyalty we all participate in every day of our lives.

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I will do anything for you till you screw me over. I will let it go once, after that f***-you

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@Unbroken: Well, the good news is those particular situations were a few years back. I finally resigned from the jobs, separated from the family members, and gave up on the friendship. The trick now is to be aware of my behavior to make sure I do’nt put myself in those situations again. I’m a bit wiser now. Plus, my wife has promised to hit me with a fry pan if I act like a doormat again.

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Extremely loyal. I rarely betray anyone. But there are 2 occasion that I felt that my loyalty had been misplaced. Once was when I told my secret to my cousin and told her not to tell anyone, only to find out the next day that even my parents knew about that. The other time was when a friend of mine asked too much from me. She asked me to do her a favor, saying she was too busy to do that. I agreed to help. And as time passed she asked me more and more, still with the same thing, turning the whole helping process into a chore. I stopped talking to the cousin, and found an excuse not to help the friend with that any more.

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I have always been quite loyal and certainly honest in all my relationships/friendships, but once you play games with me, lie to me, it’s over. I don’t give anyone second chances and when I’m ready to let go I do it fairly easily. I may huff and puff for a couple of days but then…poof you are ancient history and I will rarely, if ever think of you again. haha

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@Coloma I won’t lie to you.

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I think it all depends on what it is you are talking about being loyal to @Unbroken.

Loyalty to a goverrnment, Hah!
Loyal to friends, sure. But like most of the others, if you betray my trust, there goes all that loyalty in a hot flash.

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Unerringly loyal. To a fault!

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Extremely loyal to Coca Cola, Hellmann’s mayo, Revlon and Loreal Nail Polish, Stouffer’s frozen foods, my husband, and my friends.

My dad has accused me of being too loyal. I think he probably is right, especially when I was younger. Too loyal to a boyfriend who did some horrible things and too loyal to my employer maybe. I probably could have made more money if I had switched to another company.

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JLeslie 100% agreement with Hellmann’s [boo Miracle Whip]

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Mayo is one of those products that almost everyone is fiercely loyal to their brand.

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I am loyal to others as far as they allow me to be loyal to myself.

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Hmmm…. I think I have mentally exhausted myself on this topic for the moment and my vestibular organs are all hinky. Thanks for the contributions andr the mayo dedication. :)

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It’s situation dependent. I left the military to be loyal to myself because I knew I wasn’t loyal to them, but I’m loyal in relationships. I’m not loyal to any country or political party, but I am loyal to certain ideologies (Golden Rule for example).

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That’s simple! When people are not loyal to me that’s when I cut the ‘loyal’ cord. It’s give and take. You have to be loyal to get back the same.

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How loyal am I?

I’m a Cubs fan. That should tell ya something.

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