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What color would your vehicle be?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) May 29th, 2014

If you could have your vehicle repainted, what color would you choose and why? Any custom paint jobs out there?

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I would paint it bright bright glittery yellow! Like the sun! :D Because that is my favorite color and because I want people to spot me from a far distance :)

I also like bright orange-red or lime green.

What color would you paint it?

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My football teams colours, yellow, white & blue, bit bold though.

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I like gunmetal grey. Looks like Hematite, blends in with shadows better than black.

Of course, I’d keep the skull-and-bones I have on my hood.

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For the first time in my life I have a used car in the color I want. Black.

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What color have you had before?

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Scarlet Red symbolizes Happiness in China. Wedding Kwah are that color and have other symbolism, e.g. gold emblems for Prosperity, several good luck symbols, Long (Dragon) for the groom and Feng (Phoenix) for the bride..

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Grey. Because it’s my favorite color.

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Jet blank with either blue racing stripes or blue ghost flames cause they’re my favorite colors and designs.

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White. It is too damn hot here most of the year for a darker color.

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What car do you have??
I think it depends on what type of car you have.
For example you just cant have a white Nissan Micra with blue racing strips that would just look plan awful.

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What beautiful colors all of them.

Except the grey (unless it is dark grey) and white… I have a white second hand car not a fan. According to car lore white cars look out for each other, let them pull out ahead etc. What I’ve found is every one else ignores them. I am a fan of gunmetal black, though there was this flat black truck it had no sheen to it that I feel in love with. And gotta love a skull and crossbones and probably appropriate for vehicles. Considering the accident rate… Talk about things that need labels.. lol.

Scarlet red and the meaning behind is inspiring. On that note I would choose the Tibetan orange. So beautiful vibrant and calming. Who could help but be happy… I might trim it black to ground it. Depending on the make of the car.

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The color “ucme green.” ~ (Inside joke)

Seriously, I have had mostly silver, grey, or black cars, and I like those colors. I do worry some shades of grey blend in too much with the roadways and fog and are less safe. Even where I live in very sunny Florida some shades of grey can seem to disappear. My husband has a race car and I would love a car that is white, orange and green for him to race with around the track. Currently his car is a light shade of burgundy.

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