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What the heck does "We <3 you!" mean?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) June 4th, 2014

As seen on Fluther, in the upper right ‘peppy comments’ section.

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It’s a sideways heart. We love you.

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It’s the love sign. Get used to it, text speak WILL take over regular writing.

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B..bu…but, I thought Fluther hated textspeak!

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It could be an objective mathematical statement meaning “we are less than 3 of you=we are 2”, or it could be a subjective statement, meaning we are less than 3 of you, regardless of how many of us there are. ;-)

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Shew! @Brian1946 I thought we might have a little HY-pocrasy going on there for a minute.

It annoys me every time I see it.

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To the best of my knowledge, those have been the same since 2007.
<3 is an emoticon, not txtspk, and emoticons are allowed within reason.

Now, I’d be very grateful if someone can tell me the meaning of: “We. Drink. Your. MILKSHAKE!” It does not seem to be a reference to Kelis’ song, Milkshake.
I never understood that “peppy comment” and figure it is referencing something that I’m too old to ‘get’.

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Perhaps it was an inside joke at the time, @hearkat? Perhaps someone at Fluther found and draink someone else’s milkshake and the offender replied “I drank it because I like you. Do you know much fat and calories are in one of those things? I totally had your back!

I love making up plausible stories about stuff that probably never happened. It’s my favorite pastime.

Likely, we may never know. You should have asked it as a question!

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I don’t get why they don’t go ASCII and use ♥ instead.

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@jerv Probably because <3 is a more established internet thing.

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It also shows that You <3 Me. Let me prove it to you:
We <3 You
We/3 < You (Div. by 3)
We/3 < U (Simplify)
We/3U < 1 (Div. by u)
Ue/3 < 1 (Cancel out u’s)
U <3 1/1e (Mult. by 3/e)
You <3 Me. QED.

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@dxs That was awesome.

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It means “we are less than 3 of you”.

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