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How many layers of toilet tissue are you comfortable having between you and contributing device?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) June 12th, 2014

Consider that you are not the head of Russia, but you are Putin. What’s the comfort level of double ply between you and your Puter?

Me? 3 layers, minimum. 4 is probably ideal.

Don’t even get me started on that single ply ‘spit’ they put in public restrooms.

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I’ve never counted. Probably too many layers.

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I prefer 100-grit.

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I can’t be arsed.

Who gives a shit?

It’s a load off my mind.


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I saw this question and immediately knew it was from you @ibstubro. Between here and Askville, I know your questions when I see them.

Anyway, I’d say I probably use about 6 to 7 layers. Never really counted though. I use the 1 ply 1000 sheet rolls, so more is always better.

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That’s not even remotely an important question.

The really important – almost critical – question is whether the TP roll hangs over or under when mounted on the holder.

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3–4 of double ply….

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I don’t like toilet papers. I prefer water.

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Certainly enough to avoid digital penetration. In single ply that takes many feet. Also depends on whether one folds or wads. If wadding it’s like Russian Roulette for stinky finger. Eww.

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I never counted the layers. I just use a huge wad.

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Is this for girls or boys? Since it is asked by a man I guess you are not talking about peeing. My husband cannot believe how much TP I go through. He used to jokingly say to me that the TP 12 pack is supposed to last 12 months. Women pee all over themseves. We need the paper thick enough so our hand does not get wet. Needless to say I use a lot of toilet paper. Double ply paper and several sheets/squares. I’ll have to count next time and let you know just how many.

@elbanditoroso It’s over dude. We have had that debate many times on fluther. Some jellies say under, but they’re wrong. :)

@Mimishu1995 Very few Americans have ever even seen a bidet in real life, let alone used one. I had one that air dried my tushy and everything. The seat was warm, the water temperature was regulated. I hope to get one in my new house.

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Women pee all over themselves? They do?

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More than men. Men don’t wipe up pee. Forget about if we have our periods, that is another thing to consider. Although, I generally use tampons so I barely have to deal with that.

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Hmmm….maybe I should do a spread sheet. haha
Lots of layers, I use a LOT of TP, I want things completely mopped up without contact. lol

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And yes….the TP always goes OVER!
Infact, I like to mess with people and will randomly switch their TP to over if it’s under. haha

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Never counted the layers. They vary, I suppose, seeing as I use a petite wad and not a measured layer amount.

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LOTS, that’s all I know

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I don’t know for certain but I know it is a “shitload” more if it is single-ply or that narrow stuff that comes in those huge plastic rollers or if it is that “John Wayne” kind. or any combination of the above

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@Coloma If you really want to screw with peoples heads, try running it this way (see item six).

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Haha…maybe sprinkle a little hot pepper between the sheets.

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Am I the only person that rations my toilet tissue? I mean, that stuff is expensive, and it’s literally money you’re wiping your arse with.

I’ll stop now.

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Coloma “And yes….the TP always goes OVER! ”
This is some weird OCD thing of mine. If I’m in your house and you have it the “wrong” way, I’ll switch it lol.

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@Seek TP is one thing that I am NOT frugal with. I want that area clean. I like to use wipes too when needed.

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I don’t use paper, that’s for peasants, no, I use Genevieve our military goat.
Three licks & my botty is as shiny as a new penny, although her beard does tend to tickle ones balls don’t you know?
Quite literally, she’s baaaaaa-d ass

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Only use Charmin Ultra Soft. And always over the top, of course.

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5–6 double ply sheets when I pee, figure double to triple for other activities when using the loo.

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I also keep a little spray bottle of diluted perfume water in a basket on a little table by the toilet and spray the TP with a perfumey mist on the final wipe. lol
@El_Cadejo Haha…me too, bugs the “crap” outta me to not have the overhang.
Anyone else hate public bathrooms that have their TP rolls crimped onto the dispensers so you can only get like 2 sheets at a time before breakage?

It takes for freaking ever to gather enough for a decent wipe. lol

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Why was the OP so reticent to use the word “cloaca”?

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^^^ haha..Cloaca is a birds all purpose opening.

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Like @Dan_Lyons I also only use Charmin Ultra Soft or any other toilet paper that calls itself “ultra soft” of some sort. I always fold it but I don’t usually pay attention to the layers, I guess it ends up being around 3. Do not want to risk tearing. If it’s crappy 1-ply stuff, then it’s probably like 5–6 layers lol.

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Wasn’t it the comedy Sleepers in which we learned that in the future shells would be used for this purpose? Ouch!

Luna (Diane Keaton): It’s hard to believe that you haven’t had sex for 200 years.
Miles (Woody Allen): 204, if you count my marriage.

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Fold instead of bunch it up? That must be a man thing.

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If you’re sittin’ on the can, and there’s no more toilet paper be a man, use your hand!

Spiderman, on the can! He can do what no one can!

If you’re sittin’ in the Chevy and your pants are gettin’ kinda heavy diarrhea diarrhea cha cha cha!


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I’m a folder. Why take the chance on a bad wad?

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Just to wade in here, I don’t pee all over myself.

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@Symbeline If you’re walkin up a mountain and your butt becomes a fountain, diarrhea, diarrhea!

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@JLeslie Folding is a man thing? I always assumed I was a bit effeminate for folding it :P

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@DominicX I could be wrong. Seems @seek folds. Bunching it up makes the wad of paper thicker which is better for pee I would think. That’s how I look at it.

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Before I was married, a package of TP would last me months. Now only a week or so. If there is a Zombie Apocalypse comes, I’m going to hoard TP and use it to barter my way to fortune.

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I use single-ply to keep my septic system and leaching fields happy. I am so busy reading on the toilet that I never gave the wiping technique much thought (until now).

For the record, I know what a bidet is, I have seen one in real life, and i have used one. I am an American.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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When we were dating, the first time my wife came to my house for dinner, she brought a bottle of wine. The second time she came to my house, she brought a 6 pack of TP!

Like several other men have said, between work and social life, I wasn’t home much, and a roll would last more than a month. I’m a 4 layer guy.

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Maybe we have discovered the key to why men are more likely to have skid marks in their underwear. Too many men are proud of not using a lot of TP.

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Because we are so bad with money management, we need to kinda scrimp on the TP budget. Sometimes I would grab a handful of handi wipes from KFC for emergencies. Those are great when you are backpacking!

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AND Farting is a sport!

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LOL. Sophia Patrillo is stealing sugar packets and @majorrich is swiping wet naps for emergencies. I love it.

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I also swipe plastic cutlery to put in the picnic basket so I don’t have to wash dishes.

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So we have folders and wadders. I think the folders must be more anal retentive and the wadders more anal expulsive personalities. Most likely the folders are introverted anal retentives and the wadders are extroverted anal expulsive types. The psychologly of TP users. lolol

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@Coloma I’m going to guess the folders also only cut off a corner of the cereal bag, while wadders rip open the whole thing.

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I’m an extroverted folder who rips open the cereal bag. I’m just full of contradictions ;)

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About 2–3. I’ve noticed that thickness doesn’t make a difference, it’s a psychological piece-of-mind thing.
And to answer the question on over and under: neither. I keep my rolls in a corner next to the toilet because I use the nearly-finished rolls that people leave behind.

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I’m a wadder and a ripper and an extrovert too. Gotta have a little comedy in the bathroom. haha

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I’ve used a bidet, but it wasn’t in America. It was on the small Caribbean island where I spent my honeymoon.

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I perfected the fine art of squating over chinese basins in the floor of moving trains in asia. Serious isometrics and balance. One hand holding the rail, the other holding your pants aside and then the fine tuning of the sway. haha

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@Coloma I once squatted on some train, I can’t remember what country. I also squatted in Italy a couple of times and Japan. I would never want to do it again on a train, but on dry stable land it isn’t bad. It’s easier to squat than to hover over a dirty toilet seat.

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I was modded, so here is my post without my supped personal attack.

@gailcalled @chyna First of all, women wipe when they pee and men don’t. Why? Because some pee is left on us, and men pee out away from their body and shake a little drip off. Secondly, many many Americans have never seen a bidet and have never used to one. To compare America to the rest of the world regarding bidets and imply Americans are as aware of bidets is simply false. For sure they are not in the majority of our houses. They are in almost no houses (1% accordingnto my link above) and definitely not in public places. When I was in Japan the little dinner cruise I took had a bidet function on the toilet on the boat! A huge portion of our population has never travelled outside of America, so where are they coming across a bidet? In certain social circles maybe.

I had a TOTO bidet attachment on my toilet when I previously lived in FL and I had a couple negative comments from people looking to buy my house. Americans generally are not familiar with them. Here in Tampa I have seen more than usual, because there are quite a few Europeans living here. Still rare though.

Even if an American has seen one and used one, it is extremely unlikely they use one regularly, so the likelihood they would answer anything about water cleaning their tushy is slim to none.

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I’m definitely a folder. That’s why I hate the cheap 1-ply in public restrooms – it practically forces you to wad.

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