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How would you prepare for some kind of apocalypse?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) June 17th, 2014

What would you do to prepare for an event like a natural disaster or a war that can last for a few years?

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Do things I’ve always wanted to do.

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This question is a little vague. If I heard that a natural disaster was coming, I would get out of town if possible. But my basic preparedness plan includes keeping two 5-gallon water containers filled in my storage room, plus two cases of bottled drinking water, a pantry full of canned and bottled food, and I would like to keep a case of MRE’s, but my kids keep eating them. I have guns and ammo to protect my stash, and that is about it.

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Stock up on water, and have a good story to trade for food.

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How much time do I have? If a little, I’d travel to see my kids pronto. If not: suicide.

Why suffer drowning or something. Besides, who wants to be one of the only living people on earth. That would suck big time.

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Different strokes for different jokes. For some things, a simple trip upwind will suffice, others may involve a geiger counter determining what is edible.

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Nothing, just sit and wait till it comes.

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Prepare for the apocalypse?
I am the one planning it.

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Prepare for the apocalypse?

I plan to drop in on @ragingloli for an extended visit.

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Laugh it off over a beer & some childish jokes.

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I guess I’d move to blue ridge mountains and start digging for underground shelter

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Place my head firmly between my thighs and kiss my ass goodbye.

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@kritiper Like what they taught us in grade school when we feared the nuclear capabilities of the Soviet Union and their Cuban puppets! but you forgot the “get under your desk” part

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@non_omnis_moriar I would want to be one of the only living people left on earth. Why commit suicide just when things start to get interesting?

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Duck and cover.

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I figured that the best way to do things is simply to stock up and food and water.

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Omg, my family and I were just talking about this last night. My dad has a bunch of food stored in his basement. We’d all hang out there and live off that. We’d get our water from the pipes and hot water tanks and stuff. When winter came, we’d chop down the garage and use the wood to make a fire.

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I used to hang out with a bunch of preppers until I got tired of the silliness. Most of their chatter consists of swapping slogans such as “when the balloon goes up”, or “beans and rice”, or other euphemisms for “I don’t know a d*m thing.” Each person assumes that “apocalypse” corresponds to whatever their hobby is; gardeners assume they will have to grow everything they eat, campers expect to have to live in the wilderness for a while, amateur soldiers just know there will be a lot of sneaking through the weeds, gun collectors will finally see a real live gunfight, and so on. The men assume they will have to fight to the death more than once, and the women expect it to be choreographed.

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