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In your opinion, what are the best "druggie" movies?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) July 5th, 2008

By druggie movie I mean something that is serious, nothing like Dude, Where’s my Car?, Block Party, Friday, The Cheech and Chong series, or Rolling Kansas (Even though they were great). I’m talking about A Scanner Darkly, Requiem for a Dream, True Romance, Spun, Brick, and Blow. I think you get what I mean, they have to be serious, and the main focus has to be on drugs, not just one point in the movie where some guy snorts a line.

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Easy Rider
The Big Lebowski (seriously funny)

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Drugstore Cowboy directed by Gus Van Zant. Its older, but its a spectacular look into drug use and addiction.

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Ahh. Come On. Friday is a classic!

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SLC PUNK (google video link w/ ipod download)
Waking Life (google video link w/ ipod download)
Clerks I and II
Eternal Sunshine On The Spotless Mind

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Requiem for a Dream is my favorite.
It brings me to a truly unique emotional state every time I watch it.

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Frank Sinatra in Man with the Golden Arm

@Mirza: Eternal Sunshine of…but I consider that film more sci-fi.

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Half Nelson starring Ryan Gossling

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Less Than Zero
Both great druggie movies.

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Sid & Nancy


Born to Win

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Pulp Fiction
Dazed and Confused

Top ten here.

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A recent one= American Gangster

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also American Beauty

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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Walk the Line (Johnny Cash)
Ray (Ray Charles)

Two movies about how drug affected the lives of Johnny Cash and Ray Charles.

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Human Traffic (link to full movie)

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I can’t believe no one said this one yet!

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trainspotting, Requiem for a dream, spun, where the buffalo roam. kids

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dazed and confused!

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permanent midnight

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Valley of the Dolls. No wait, that one sucked. Either Up in Smoke or Trainspotting.

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Candy. With Heath Ledger. Great book, too.

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Breaking Bad ( series)

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martinez00anita beat me to it I was going to say Candy. It is a really good little know movie. What about Clockwork Orange.

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Half Baked!!!
an early dave chappelle masterpiece that i must have watched a thousand times in high school and college. and i only recall about 15 of those times…

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Is Fast Times at Ridgemont High considered a “druggie” movie? I love Jeff Spicoli.

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I haven’t seen it but it is listed under marijuana, I would say 7 out of 10 movies with marijuana are comedies (I didn’t look to much into the movie on wikipedia).

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@Mirza – I love “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” that is actually one of my favorite movies.

Also: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Human Traffic
Requiem for a Dream

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Altered States.

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@buster that movie was so horrible. Though i got to say the special effects were amazing for its time.

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@thebeadholder lol i love how the trailer for trainspotting beeps out the word fuck, but clearly shows a topless girl. wonderful censorship lol.

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‘Performance’ (1970),
‘Rockers’ (1978),
‘Jesus’ Son’ (1999).

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Here’s another one I liked: The Basketball Diaries
Amazing movie

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Thirteen (what an eye opener) and Kids, also.

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@thebeadholder- I never even thought of thirteen for this, great choice!

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Another one, not out yet but I have a feeling Pineapple Express would be great for this

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Cheech and Chong’s Things Are Tough All Over.

“I think you have killed the car enough.”

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@amandaafoote You got that from me thief!

Grandmas Boy
Party Monster
How High
Half Baked
Spun <—Awesome
Crank <—Certain drugs can seriously intensify this movie by %200

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@iceblu- Not my fault you’re too slow :D

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@ice; all great movies. I thought xxpork said to name more “serious” drug movies… Or else I wouldve named all those too!

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Oops. Guess I should have mentioned Reefer Madness, then.

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What about these?

Boogie Nights
The Big Lebowski

Where they about drugs?

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Wirhnail and I. True the drug is alcohol but…

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Jacobs Ladder.
The Doors
Easy Rider
Blow- pee-wee as a gay hairdresser drug dealer…..good stuff.

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Up in Smoke! Ooops. just reread the question… that’s not a serious movie, sorry

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Babygall: Lebowski is high 24/7.

If we could include TV shows, I’d pick Intervention.

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Did anyone mention “Traffic”? That was a drug movie. A good movie at that, but much more on a serious note.

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Maria Full of Grace, if you dig foreign-language films

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Another vote for Maria Full of Grace!

It was hard to believe the lead actress in it, Catalina Sandino Moreno, didn’t get the Oscar that year.

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mcbealer, i know! such a shame she didn’t.

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Find a rare old movie called “Free Grass” Alternate Title: “Scream Free!” funky of dubious quality and actually very loosely based on real life events of the 1969 movie producers.

And the campy “Reefer Madness” 1936 anti-pot social-guidance film also remade into a spoofy 2005 musical.

Try “Naked Lunch” from William Burroughs’ book of same name

And watch “The Yellow Submarine” again. It is one trippy movie.

Jacob’s Ladder , mentioned by @pattyb, is definitely a serious and fascinating film that also touches this area.

Does “the French Connection” count?

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