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Where is an appropriate place to flirt with a woman other than a bar?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) June 23rd, 2014

There are so many places where you can’t try to pick up a woman. I was wondering where and appropriate place is?

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Supermarket produce section. Or the meat counter. Or the deli.

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Um, anywhere you see a woman is an appropriate place to compliment her. If she reciprocates or seems flattered, there is no harm in offering her your number. You can always say, “I know it’s awkward to give you my number considering this is a (funeral, doctor’s office, jury duty, etc), but I would like to meet for coffee in the near future. Please call me.”
Have your number already written and ready to hand to her to avoid the awkward relay and type into a smartphone interaction.

Then walk away. Don’t press it if it isn’t an appropriate setting, but you can always get your number out there and compliment her. We don’t care.

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“So, I see you like sausage…”

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Places to pick up women:

• Sex shop
• Cannabis buyers club
• Carwash
• Mass transit platform
• Ball game
• Skating rink
• Club
• Campus bookstore
• Lingerie shop
• Waiting to be seated at the restaurant
• Vacation
• The beach
• The boardwalk
• Amusement parks
• Wedding
• Commercial jet flight
• Concert
• Walking your dog
• While they are walking their dog
• Fast food joint
• Etc., etc., etc.

Never at a funeral, baptismal, Bar Mitzvah , right before surgery or right after, collecting info after a car accident, while being arrested, if you are caught behind the dumpster taking a wiz, you get caught robbing their house of pilfering from her purse, etc.

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It’s not the place, it’s the man.

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I wouldn’t recommend flirting or hitting on women, especially if you’re a more introverted guy. Most decent women will let you know in some way if they want to get to know you better, or will be very easy to have a conversation with. You can start with small talk, and if she’s interested in you it should take off on its own.

There are no really ‘appropriate’ places to meet someone, but it doesn’t hurt to be at a place where the environment would make it easier to converse with them. This is the new age, the age of equality, the age of feminism, so let women do a bit of work as well. Yee haw!

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@Paradox25 “if she’s interested in you it should take off on its own.”
I have great chemistry and conversation with men most places I go. I guess they must not be interested in me past telling me they hope that we see each other again. I reply “me, too,” and leave it at that. I’m not asking a man for his number. There have been a few times I wish it had been offered.

Things do not take off on their own. One person or the other has to offer a suggestion to meet again with a concrete way of making it happen. Otherwise it was just a pleasant conversation with a stranger.

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@GloPro I had women give me their numbers. Sometimes a woman can steer it too, like if we’re talking about something both of us like to do, like going to a certain park or event, at times she’ll say something like I hate going there alone or something similar.

It feels better to me this way because it eliminates the creep or desperation factor, and gives me the freedom to either pursue the encounter further, or back off. I find it to be totally unfair that a guy is expected to pursue, but then be called a creep or something worse simply for not suiting the particular women’s taste.

My experience has demonstrated to me that when two people hit it off, both will try to steer the encounters in a certain direction, even if one of them ultimately does ask the other on a date.

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I prefer old school style of a guy asking me out. I personally think that as generations progress men are getting lazy about dating. And calling. And romancing. So I wait until a man asks me for my number or offers me his. I know I could do the same, I just choose not to. Women these days are accepting lazier and lazier interactions, all while bitching that he isn’t romantic, or doesn’t make her feel wanted, etc. Well, it’s because you made everything easy right out of the gate.

I’ve never thought a man was a creep for showing interest. I’ve definitely thought a man was a creep because of the way he has shown interest before.

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@GloPro I prefer old school style of a guy asking me out.
That is the rub, isn’t it? Women don’t come tattooed ”old school” and ”progressive feminist”, so in order not to get your head chewed off you go for the fall back position and treat them all as progressive feminist that will get offended if you say anything more then “hi”.

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Bingo, those old ladies without any teeth, they could suck a golfball up a hosepipe.

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The problem is not all guys and women are the same. I’ve seen plenty of men who pursue women, and prefer the hard-to-get game, to only turn into total bums once the relationship starts, progresses, and sometimes these guys get bored and need a new challenge. It’s also unfair to speculate that most women will react the same way you will, and not put yourself in the guy’s shoes for a moment.

The many relationships that have been successful when traditional ways of meeting were tossed aside simply rarely get any real exposure. This is because traditional folks do everything in their power to downplay these success, and then cherry pick the negative scenarios only. On top of this the newer dating paradigm has not really been given a chance to evolve.

Obviously you have your own preferences, just as I have mine, and we’re likely two completely different types of people. The fact that guys seem lazy today is an unfair stereotype I see many women using because I could call many women who expect guys to pursue them to be lazy too. I’ve seen plenty of guys pursue and play the white knight only to be ridiculed by the very woman they go out of their way for. I’ve seen these white knights dumped for the bad boy anyways many times. I could also blame sexual promiscuity for some of the issues you’ve brought up too, since sex is so open today, and being a virgin at even 18 seems like a big deal today.

The fact is there are many social problems causing many of the problems we’re seeing today, and obviously some of these will affect the new paradigm in a negative way. Many people with mindsets embedded from deep cultural biases and preferences will usually try to find flaws with a newer way of doing things. However, when anything is given enough time and a chance to progress, and when attitudes change, people learn to adjust to a new paradigm, and learn to like it.

Personally I’m traditional with some things, like paying for the date, being chivalrous, and I would be the one to propose if the relationship ever went that far. I make an exception with initiating, because this by far is the most important part of any relationship, because it’s absolutely vital that compatible people end up being with each other, and I have not seen really any evidence the old mechanical processes are really effective at accomplishing this.

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Wherever you can get away with it.

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Anywhere is the appropriate place to flirt with a woman (except maybe at the dinner table if her husband is there too).

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I no longer date or pick people up but I continue to flirt all the time, including with the anesthesiolgist just before my knee surgery. However, I wasn’t able to manage it when I awoke afterwards, not because it was inappropriate, but because I was drooling and drugged to the gills.

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Just depends on the person. From my experience, women stare really intensely. I even caught some rubbernecking lol.

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I would probably start with avoiding saying things like “pick up a woman.” You might want to start with the friend thing and treat it as such and see what develops. And you can find friends anywhere.

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Better to find a singles event. I met my wife through Sierra Club – Sierra 20–30 Yr Singles. Sierra Singles was actually 40–60 year old singles (way too old for me at the time).

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@johnpowell That was my thinking, and it’s the only way I’ve ever met and ended up dating women myself.

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Somewhere bright with a lot of sunshine so you can really see her eyes; like a park or outside a café or somewhere like that.

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@sydsydrox – good idea: weeds out the vampires

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@RocketGuy But, those fangs..


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