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Is it ok to eat an apple that has browned on the inside?

Asked by pleiades (6566points) June 25th, 2014

I grabbed some red delicious apples from a local store and I bought the most dark red ones for some reason. These apples are as huge as a 6’5 mans fist.

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yes, if it is browned a little, it’ll just be a bit mushier than normal. But it won’t hurt you or make you sick.

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It’s probably alright I guess, but why would you want to? Just return them and get fresh ones.

“Brown delicious” apples don’t sound like they would catch on.

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When an apple is brown on the inside there is no danger in eating it, but it will not have as many vitamins as it had when it was fresh!

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It may be unappealing, but it’s not unhealthy. You could eat an apple that was, in fact, wormy – and eat the worms, too – and be perfectly okay. I agree that it’s not a very appetizing thought, though.

I’m just surprised as hell to find that a 6’ 5” man (19.5 cm) man only has a fist as big as an apple.

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Yes, it’s OK. May have been frozen at some point, so my grandmother told me.

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It was meh as I expected it was going to be dry and sweet vs slight tangy crunchy juicy and sweet with a normal red delicious

I want to juice them but I feel there’s no more vitamin c in there..

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