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If it's not a stye, what could it be?

Asked by Aethelwine (41400points) June 27th, 2014

I’ve had a small bump on my lower eyelid since January or February. It didn’t bother me at first and it’s never hurt. It’s not red or inflamed. Most of the time I haven’t realized it’s there, until recently.

It seems to be slowly growing and now it’s irritating at times. I know it’s there and it’s making my vision slightly blurry.

I’m without insurance until July or August, so I can’t see a doctor until then.

Any ideas? Do I need to rush to a doctor without insurance?

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July is just around the corner. Since the thing is growing and is both irritating and interfering with your vision, I would make an appointment with your PCP first thing on the morning of July. 1, which is next Tues. A few days shouldn’t matter (but I am not a Doctor) but I would have it looked at soonest. Do you have an Urgent Care facility near you?

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It sounds like it might be a mole or skin tag. I have them on my eye (unfortunately).

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It could also be a cyst.

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I think stye, pimple, or cyst. Just make an appointment for July and if the bump is still there you can get it checked then. That’s what I would do. I’m not a doctor as you know.

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I had a friend who always had skin tags around her eyes. I don’t know what , if anything, she did. Oh, I remember now. One time a doctor injected it and removed it. Then she got more.

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Maybe it is a tumor.

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Thanks for the helpful answers everyone.

@gailcalled. We do have an Urgent Care that I can visit, but I’m afraid it’s going to cost a bit much.

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It’s on the outside of the lid? I had assume inside your eye since you were concerned.

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Yes, it’s on the outside, just on top of the lower lid. Similiar to this but a little lower on the lid. I’m concerned because it seems to be growing and it won’t go away like a stye does.

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My guess would be a cyst or a wart. If you can take care of it before it becomes bigger, that would be for the best. July or August is not that long from now. If you can avoid touching it until then, you’re probably fine.

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If it’s not red or inflamed, my guess is skin tag. For me, they grow for a few days and then go away on their own after a few more.

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