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where can I take a girl for first date here in santa ana or outside but not to far?

Asked by shad777 (1points) July 13th, 2007 from iPhone

my girl first date

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If you are talking about Santa Ana, CA, then take her to the Art Walk in the Artists Village. It happens every first Saturday of the month.

Memphis is supposed to have good food, but I do not know firsthand. I've only had drinks there.

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She's a girl ... The Spectrum ... Let her choose dinner and get to know each other window shopping -- free music most evenings & lots of people to watch ;-)

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Sorry not much help, since I from UK, but first dates for me should be always in a public place, with a simple and fun dinner and something to do after, that you can both enjoy, or you can enjoy if the date doest go that well! Big markets are my thing, if he gets boring or awkward (my date), I can always enjoy myself looking at stuff, and buy a few bits and bobs for my house, or some nice food I haven't tasted before, or a nice little object from somewhere far in the world! Its a bit selfish I know, but at least you can try to make it a bit more enjoyable.

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