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Anybody else notice that there are periods of quiet moderation on Fluther, then firestorms erupt followed by heavy post removal, then quiet times again?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) July 4th, 2014

I’ll admit it man, I LOVE you Fluther.

But lately, it seems like you can’t be, “yourself”, Fluther. Used to be, you were cool. We could talk about everything from boobs to broods and you were good with that. Suddenly you’re all schizo. Modding out one hour, participating 5 minutes later on the same topic.

IS there a happy medium?

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Nope. It all seems pretty even-handed to me. Have you even been suspended here?

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No. Should I be?

Or consider that option?

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You are just stirring the pot. The moderation is fine.

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So is the participation, @marinelife.

Where shall the twain meet?

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It’s what you get since Auggie left. It’s just different, that’s all.

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I saw similar behavior before she left at times. Some things have changed, some things remain the same.

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It’s like a new kind of spam.

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I think soneone ate too many Little Debbie snack cakes.

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Jeez, man. Find another hobby.

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I think we’ve had enough moderation discussion for a bit. I’m fucking sick and tired of it, from each and every single side.

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@Symbeline Psst! If the topic bores you, stop following this question! :)

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Do you guys just pass the torch around? “This week, @whinyprincess will tie up the site with moderation bitching, next week it’s @ibstubro‘s turn, the week after that it’ll be @pissybaby’s turn.”

Get over it.

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What are the time frames on that? Might be their periods.

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Isn’t that the way it should be?

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Maybe, maybe not, @ibstubro, but what’s the point of starting a thread about it? Maybe you should just continue to love what you love about Fluther and ignore what you don’t, as I do :-)

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Just read some old General questions and there is ample evidence you were able to flirt with the fringes of comments a hell of a lot more than now.

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@CWMcCall: What does that mean “Flirt with the fringes of comments?”

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@jca I noticed that satire and jabs were once allowed on General Q’s after a few legit answers were posted and more specifically if you whispered your comment.

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@CWMcCall That may have been before the sections were set up. Fluther used to be all one category, but then they added the “general”, “social”, etc. tabs, and sorting through the old questions, tagging them as “social” or “general” was difficult to do.

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@dxs Thanks for clarifying that possibility. I just seems some here are pretty adamant about this Auggie whom they hold to a more tolerant and even moderation than the present. I myself have had comments vaporize for no reasonable reason that I can rationalize. Won’t lose any sleep over it either.

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Give them a while. And meanwhile, try to make the transition easier.

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When the fuck did we get ice cream?

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@CWMcCall Also, the atmosphere of Fluther back then was significantly more different than how it is now.

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Just yesterday @Blondesjon (vanilla, sugar free)

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And… here we go again.

This is a social site, admit it or don’t. The atmosphere depends entirely on the participation.

It used to be more active, before there were so many other options. It used to be…

Yes, yes.

Continue to make it that site that draws someone in for an answer and nurtures that person to remain. Stop the “lecturing” that discourages new askers from returning.

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IS there a happy medium?
Go with the flow, and the status quo, or you will get the dog muzzle put on you and admonished that you don’t have the key to the doggie door, which can be locked on you.

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