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Could every possible problem between two people (or more) of different races be filed as racism or a hate crime?

Asked by programin (10points) July 6th, 2008 from iPhone

A while ago, my dads friend (white) pranked his BEST FRIEND (just for fun) as a halloween prank, he toilet-papered his front lawn. The parents of the kid that got pranked sued the pranker saying it was a “hate crime” because they were black. Is this justified, or is it just really delicate when dealing with other races?

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I’m pretty sure the crime has to be directly related. If you toilet paper a minority’s house, I’d say no. But if you vandalize someone’s house with swastikas and derogatory names, then yes. Or if you beat up someone just randomly, and they happen to be a minority, then no. But if you attack someone and yell racial slurs, then yes.

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That seems pretty legitimate, thanks for the answer!

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Tiny is essentially correct. In general, for something to be considered a hate crime, the crime itself has to be motivated by racial/ethnic/national animus. Of course, it can sometimes be very difficult to determine what motivates a crime, but tiny’s examples are good ones. If there are obvious racial overtones, or if a minority is specifically targeted, those are usually classified as hate crimes.

The case you described sounds more like a misunderstanding over a relatively harmless prank.

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your dad has a friend who is toilet papering a house, sounds like your dad needs to get some more mature friends

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It depends on how rabidly it’s being pursued. If you’re just waiting to accuse somebody of a hate crime, or if you’ve come to expect nothing but racism and hate crimes, then yes, anything is prime fodder. This is why I oppose hate-crimes legislation: like thought crime, it’s just too hard to get a clear conviction.

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