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Facebook loads slowly with Google Chrome?

Asked by jnkpauley (226points) July 9th, 2014

I am experiencing weird problems with Facebook in Google Chrome. When I click on anything within Facebook, say a post, for example, everything basically freezes up for approximately 15 seconds and during this time I cannot even switch to any other tabs I have open. This only happens in Facebook and only when using Google Chrome. I have run a virus scan and a malware scan… it hasn’t helped. I would appreciate input on how to solve this annoying problem. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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The only thing that comes to mind (other than that Facebook might be having a glitchy day for you) is that you might have video auto-play on, and that might be slowing things down. If you do, try turning it off and see if that improves things.

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Thanks for responding to my FB/Google question. I don’t know if I can respond to your response publicly?? The problem has been consistent for a week or so. Not sure what a video auto play is… the rest of the pages I open have no problem… and when I use Internet Explorer to open FB it works fine.

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Do videos posted in your newsfeed just play, without you having to click them? If you have no sound, you might not have noticed this.

To check the setting, go to Settings > Videos (see bottom of menu on left-hand side) > Auto-Play Videos. If it’s set to On, switch it to Off.

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WOW!!! That was like magic! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! DId the trick!

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Glad that was helpful!

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