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Lack of pluralization.
Automobiles without mufflers. Especially those $@&%ing motorcycles. My window faces the street and I always leave it open because I like fresh air. It’s 1am and I’m sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden VRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOMMM!

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Whales. And whale activists.
People’s elbows.

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People who lie.

Controlling people.

People who abuse or neglect animals or children.

When driving: People who stay in the left lane going slowly while others have to pass on their right.

When driving: People who neglect to use their turn signal.

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I hate it when people don’t know what to do at a four way stop so they sit and wave everyone through.

I hate it when people who don’t need them park in the only handicapped van accessible parking spots in the lot.

I hate it when banks charge a fee to cash a check if you don’t have an account with them.

I hate over cooked fish.

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The guy driving the van that hit me.
Families which treat members like enemies.
Biting into something and it wasn’t what I thought.
Tipping the jug and the milk is cottage cheese.

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Commercials and ads – on TV, Radio, print media, websites billboards, spam, emails, junk mail catalogs, logos on handbags, stickers on cars, etc. – wherever.

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@AshLeigh You really have some serious problem with whales?

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I was thinking the same @Mimishu1995.

What’s the deal, Ash?

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Impatient drivers or impatient people in general. They are selfish and rude to everyone in their path.

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People born with privilege who think they earned it.

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People who complain

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People who don’t visit Tesla’s grave for at least 9 times

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Oh yeah, and people who are easily noided

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When doctors don’t believe me.


My thyroid dysfunction.

That I can’t go in the sun anymore without worrying about cancer, wrinkles, and marks.

That heart disease runs in my family.

That I no longer can use the purses I want nor wear halter style clothing and bathing suits around my neck because of my accident.

Passive aggressive people.

That I weigh 15 pounds more than I should.

People who don’t signal before turning.

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That people changed what gay and queer mean, and the words are never used for their original definitions anymore at all.

Days when the sun shines but for me a fog has rolled in and EVERYTHING goes slower.

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Northern water snakes

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Runny eggs
My neighbors (who look like runny eggs)
Vicious dogs
Swearing youths
Rare steak
Cheap Tea
False eyelashes
Ombre hair
Keira Knightley’s laborious pout
Long nails holding cigarettes
British Rail 1st Class
Fake people
Aggressive People

…...... should I stop?

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Religious fanaticism, guns, drivers on cell phones, and cooked peas.

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@Pachy Wow. I could have written that.

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Spoiled fruit. Like avocadoes. Nasty.

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When all bad things are blamed on Obama.

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Greedy people.

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Dull people with no sense of humor.

Passive aggressive types..OMG..I shall kill you with my bare hands,yes, you will see me coming, no backstabbing from this girl!

Animal cruelty

Figs, beets, okra, rhubarf, lunch meat, and other disgusting “foods”.

Simpletons. Sorry but you are the weakest link, ego be damned. lol

Pollution and litter.

Ditto what @Pachy said


People that never air their houses out, jesus, you can live in a mausoleum when your dead, get some air flow happenin’. Summer breeze makes me feel fine. lol

Prime time TV

Portapotties…a fate worse than death.

Sloppy, drooly, jumping, pawing, in your face dogs.

Cat haters

Goose haters

Diesel exhaust.

Okay, I’ll stop now. lol

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I hate how I underestimate myself.

I hate waking up at least two times a night because I need to pee.

I hate having one toilet in the house.

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Injustice, racism, bullying, liars.

Other than that I don’t really ‘hate’ anything. I don’t like pretentiousness, negativity, materialism, and meanness.

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Slow nights on Fluther when it is just me and @Mimishu1995 trying to think of stuff to say to entertain each other. I feel bad that her time zone is so different and she gets here and feels lonely.

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Guys who get angry about feminism. All we want is equality.

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Days when the day is my pain, and my pain is the day. Nothing gets done. All I can do is give my daughter apologetic looks and hope tomorrow is better.

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@Blackberry and @Mimishu1995, when was the last time a whale did anything for you?
Whales can’t breathe under water. And that really pisses me off. Before you point out that I can’t breathe under water, I’d like to point out that I don’t live in the ocean.
Plus, they go around swallowing our sailors. Whales suck. Sea World rocks.

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Okay, I can get that. I always thought of them as sort of diplomats, a mammal go between for sea dwellers, and land dwellers. Somewhere along the way we lost our common language, and could no longer communicate.
I guess for you it’s more like they are stuck up, and not willing to share land with us?

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When I am having mad sex with my bf and the damn footy is on why cant we listen to nice music thank you.

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Talking to cross eyed people
Farting during sex

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Physical and mental cruelty toward others, particularly children, animals, and the elderly.

When those in power use their position to ensure their own comfort and financial prosperity at the expense of those with less power.

Racism, bigotry, and homophobia — Basically, when someone takes their ignorance, misinformation, or fear of a subject and turns it into hate or disgust of other people.

Other than that, I don’t really “hate” anything. It’s a very strong word I try to use sparingly. Now “dislike” or “am annoyed by” — those I have quite a list for.

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Hmm… Hate a term used very casually but that has a very potent meaning.

So I really hate well nothing comes to mind and sticks. It takes a lot of negative energy to hate. I have little enough energy, I would rather direct it positively.

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Mosquitoes that prevent me from sleeping outdoors
Deer flies that prevent me from sleeping outdoors
Horse flies that prevent me from working in the orchard without DEET
Rodents indoors

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Political correctness.


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Spiders, centipedes, boiled okra, when I break off a bolt, when my basement floods

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@AshLeigh It’s better for both animals if we just leave the whales alone.

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I hate that this question is getting so many more responses than this one.

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Not surprised this gets more attention than the “love” question, the famed Fluther angst train rumbles on.

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In all fairness, the lists on the other post are bigger, and I hadn’t even seen that question until @canidmajor posted it here.

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Actually, I started a things we love thread two months ago. I made it a sister version of the jelly below me threads. It has nearly 350 answers, some of them quite poetic. I started it so I would have a pleasant place to go on really bad days, and also to share happy thoughts with my fellow jellies. I sent it around to LOTS of jellies. The ones who have chosen to participate have been funny, weird, poetic, sweet, but all happy.
It hasn’t recieved a lot of GQs, but it has LOTS of terrific answers.

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I hate bullies with a passion. Appeasement only makes them more aggressive and allowing them to continue to bully others only creates more bullies. Bullies propagate, making bullies of the bullied.

I and the public know
What all schoolchildren learn,
Those whom evil is done
Do evil in return.
~ W. H. Auden

Before you know it, you become a nation of bullies because, like with all untreated PTSD victims, the bogeyman takes over your life. This is apparent in our society by the increased popularity and media proliferation of humiliation humor, humiliation entertainment on TV, idolization of bullies such as Simon Cowley and Donald Trump on their highly rated TV shows, in how we’ve become inured to humiliation at work, in the schools, on the net, and in advanced stages, even getting a sick satisfaction through humiliating your friends, spouse and even children. Because you are among the bullied and you feel powerless, so you bully who you can. And this is how you become a bullying nation, bullying yourselves and, through a bullying foreign policy, other nations. Unless bullies are crushed the moment they appear, they will dominate, because that is their nature. It has happened many time to other societies. And man’s better nature toward man will fail. This is how the bad guys win.

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Oh, so many things…

- People who think they know about something that they’re clearly clueless about, and there’s nothing you can do to convince them of how wrong they truly are.

- Similar to ^, people who give others weight loss/fitness advise when they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

- On the opposite side of the spectrum, condescending/patronizing know-it-alls (not @KNOWITALL).

- People who judge others based on stupid shit like race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

- When driving – every single other person on the road. Seriously.

- Mushrooms, raw onions, and chunky tomato sauce.

- Being interrupted during a workout (just ask my husband).

- Being hot while trying to sleep.

- Repeating myself.

- People with horrendous grammar and/or spelling.

- Having roommates.

- Feeling inadequate, especially at work or in “the gym” (aka my home gym).

- Humidity, and the horrible things it does to my hair.

Oh, let’s face it. I could go on and on. I should probably be working, though…

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@dxs, who said anything about doing anything to the whales? I can hate whales without making plans to destroy them.

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Oh, and nosy people! Gah!

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I believe what we stand against defines us more than what we stand for.

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Bratty kids and the people who have allowed them to be bratty.

Breed specific legislation.

Anxiety. I am worried 24/7 and I hate it.

People that “breed” dogs just for money or “because my dog is so pretty I thought she’d have cute puppies.”

Being stuck in a traffic jam.

The fact that country music isn’t very popular here in the UK.

The fact that I don’t live in Scotland.

Macaroni cheese

There will be more…..

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@SecondHandStoke Well give yourself a tin badge for that then.

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Swiss Chard.

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Nah. I don’t see the point of self congratulation.

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“Guys who get angry about feminism. All we want is equality.”

So women that get angry at feminism get a pass?

Sexism is so deeply engrained into the core of feminism that statements like yours get made.

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Hearing about politicians who legislate bills and laws that hurt the poor, the working class, labor, or restrict women’s rights and ability to access abortion or birth control.

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Working a fish for twenty minutes, then finding I have brought in a stickbass or someone’s lost rod. ARGH!

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People who judge you for your vices, but yet have their own.

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People who verbally attack me for nothing more than my opinion differs from theirs.

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So many things I’m afraid. Ask me daily I have new ones! Today’s one is that I hate getting myself all upset and in a tizz. My digestion goes for a loop and I feel awful. I wish I wasn’t so (whatever) bipolarish.

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I hate that you only got 9 great questions on this, so I just made it 10!

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I hate that I already gave this a Great Question, so I was unable to bring it up to 11, just to throw off the balance.

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You should have been in chatroom earlier today when 3 of us got suspended from chat for the day!
I hated that!

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I hate that I can’t double GA anyone :P

Too many things to hate :P

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