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What are the negatives of being with your grandparents every night for your whole life?

Asked by thequestion123 (233points) July 16th, 2014

I have visited my grandparents almost every single day since i was born. Every single night i have to deal with the same thing. There is no freedom at all because of that. I was just wondering what are the negatives of me having to go to my grandparents every night hearing them fight and have issues?

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The negatives you have already mentioned, no freedom. You should not be obligated to see them every night unless you are young and you are in their care.

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Both pro and con: My access to the chocolate hiding spot. I lived with grandparents during school summer break and I All ways find the chocolate supplies and walnuts and other tree nuts. Including expensive macadamia nuts. My parents made a rule that if my grandparents didn’t keep me away from chocolate that they have to pay for my dental work.

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Are there any negative impacts on my future?

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Probably not. I assume that once you are 18 you will move on.

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Having at least some memory of your grandparents when they are no longer here, as oppose to those who never met their grandparents.

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You don’t say whether your grandparents expect you to visit every night, or you do it because you want to.

Your grandparents won’t be alive forever, so you won’t be visiting with them “every night of your whole life.” Assuming that they’re at least 40 years older than you are, they will probably not be alive past your early 50’s.

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Are your grandparents your primary care givers or guardians? What about your parents, how are the involved?

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Well, the one downside is that if it’s every day for the rest of your life, then that means you will be dying young or your grandparents will be ancient.

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