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What to do instead? (Please see details)

Asked by canidmajor (11544points) July 25th, 2014

Because of some nasty internecine squabbles in my family, I won’t be attending the wedding next year of my sib’s child. I am close to the young couple, so I would like very much to do something nice with/for them to honor this occasion. I’ll be giving them a nice wedding gift, this is different. Any suggestions?

Please don’t tell me why I should attend. That is an entirely separate issue.

Thank you

Edit to add: We are geographically separated by 1,500 miles, but I am willing to travel to them.

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Are there others in the family who have to choose sides, as you do? If that’s the case, perhaps you could throw them a ‘reception’ with the people who are on your side of the family politics divide.

You could pay to fly them to where you are for long weekend a few months after the wedding/honeymoon (to give them a refresher once real life starts to set back in), and set them up in a nice bridal suite and take them for a fancy dinner or something.

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Aaaaand…the first answer out of the gate is a WINNAHHH!!!

Thank you, @hearkat, that is an excellent plan! I live near a place the bride has always wanted to visit. I can bring them to me, and give them a nice weekend exploring the area. I can’t really afford the super fancy stuff, but this is a great start!

The family problems aren’t structured quite like that (sides and politics), otherwise the idea of another reception would also be a good one. :-)

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