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In what ways do you seek comfort, outside of others?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23954points) July 26th, 2014

I’m finding solace in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays – Love and Friendship, particularly, like I frequently do. I feel much the same way he did, in many ways, about many things. I’m also trying to grow as a person, to accept situations and people for who they are, to live a more harmonious life.

Although I’m pretty good at wallowing in my own sadness much of the time and do think it’s important to let myself feel things, I’m finding that it helps to ask myself in what ways I can be a better person; Particularly when I’ve been hurt badly by someone I care about. Through seeing my own faults in times of crazy emotional turmoil, it helps me to remember that we’re all in this together.

So when you can’t muster the courage to speak with someone, or it’s for some reason just not possible to find comfort in another person, where do you find comfort? (Music is also a big one for me, but that tends to feed my Sadness Monster, so I left it out.)

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I drink an Ensure and I Fluther with a jug of cold water next to me. Pop if I have it. I also listen to the weather network. Sometimes my TV its on mute.

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I find comfort in writing, music, and very long showers.

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There was a time when I would retreat to arts and crafts, jewelry making and poetry writing, its just been a huge block I need to get past in order for myself to get back in touch with that someone I use too know, meaning ‘myself’, but for now Ill settle for Vangelis and Lana Del Reys music and a couple of scented candles.

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Shreddin’ the slopes on xbox, man. Good times. I’m trying to get that guy with the scrappy red whiskers who sometimes rides the lift with me to go for hot cocoa together. He just wants to talk about the new powder.
Now that my activity level is so sharply reduced, xbox is my go to for endorphins.
I sew, by hand only, but arthritis has cut back on that. When I can sew, it is very relaxing.
I enjoy keeping notice of the activities of the little fritters I have living around. I have the little squirrels coming to my bedroom window in the winter for crackers and bread crusts. There is one which will take from my hand, then sit on the sill to watch me Fluther. It also enjoys watching tv from a tree branch. Right now we have a red plastic tub out back for fresh drinking water. The fat robins like to bathe in it. Something comes around at night, puts its front paws on the edge, and dumps it over, every night. Funny.
I guess having fun with the squirrels, and the xbox are the two things which do me the most good.

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@Jonesn4burgers There was a squirrel who became so familiar with us, it was perfectly comfortable climbing up our legs to get peanuts. Or if I was sitting down, it had no problem just hanging out on my knee while it ate. It was great. :)

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I find comfort in watching new movies as well as familiar old ones, walking on the track, and taking long afternoon naps.

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Writing, music and my imagination.

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By retreating to my Fortress of Solitude.

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Music usually does it for me. Makes most things better.

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Food. I used to be a far worse binge and comfort eater when I was younger. But I love it, and when I’ve had a stressful day at work, I do crave those comfort foods.

Music. I seek songs that will help me process and express and purge my emotions. Sometimes I use it to influence a change in mood or energy.

Writing. During difficult times in my life, keeping a journal really helped me purge my feelings by letting them flow onto the page, but then to take a step back and more objectively consider them and process them and evaluate the bigger picture and the deeper core issues that led to those conflicts.

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@hearkat I used to keep a journal religiously, but then stopped. I’ve been considering starting one again, because I definitely think it can be extremely helpful.

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I usually go on a motorcycle,bike or backpacking trip. Sometimes I lock myself inside with a guitar. Other times I’m tinkering with something in the garage. Staying busy mentally, reflecting and being productive at the same time is my thing.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me – Yeah – going on a drive to nowhere was something I used to do when I felt a lot of pent up stress, too. Driving is something I enjoy, and changing the scenery can also help clear one’s head.

@DrasticDreamer – Sometimes, I’d start by picking up the last journal and reading through at least the last several entries, just to see where my head was at that point, and where I was now. Even if years had past, it put some perspective on the fact that even though things are shitty in the moment, I’ve still managed to make progress along the way. It also gave me a point from which to start writing.

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Solitude is my way of coping, not exclusively, sometimes I want to talk something through with another human being but I always come back to solitude and myself.

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I try to play it forward. Sometimes there is no way to fix your problems. Wallowing in agony is not fun. Paying it forward, trying to help someone else out of their problems, or just being kind to them, can make you step out of your own head and forget about your own problems for awhile.

Good comedy is good relief from both emotional and physical pain. The Big Bang Theory is like a tonic.

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