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Do we need more Fluther chat rooms?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) July 28th, 2014

Creating a chat ‘port hole’ in the activity bar seems to have increased chat usage a lot. Now I’m wondering if maybe we should have some additional rooms? Maybe themed?

The ‘port hole’ could continue to show who was chatting, and you could see who was where when you opened the directory.

It seems to me that the site was set up with the intention of having more rooms. Perhaps even even user generated? If that feature was written but never implemented because of low chat use, it’d be cool if it could be activated now.

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We used to have town hall chat rooms for important changes to Fluther.

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Happy 37th birthday, @talljasperman!

So more rooms is an option that can be implemented? I say add a couple more and see how that works.

As it is, if you avoid associating with someone on Fluther because of potential/past conflict, you can’t chat if they’re in the room. If there were more rooms, and everyone was able to log into only one room at a time, I believe there would be more chat.

Although, at this time, it appears that only “The Watering Hole” is linked to the activity bar, when it would seem more important to give aid to those asking for Fluther help.

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There are a few more, just not listed. Type in a number after the url <<>>
For example, is the Secret Ninja Lair!

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Cool, @dxs. Thanks!

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You have to be invited, or what, @dxs? I open rooms and there are ‘peeps’ listed, but nothing there.

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Did you type anything? I’m there right now and I’m able to chat there and everything.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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[Mod Says] We’ve activated the Sea Turtle room – this is intended as a room for smaller groups of people to interact in a more relaxed pace, but that is based totally on the honor system. Please respect that, especially if there are people in there who clearly express their preference for mellow conversation.

Also, we have this far not been able to find a way to show who’s chatting in all rooms without it listing duplicates; so for the time being only the main room, the Watering Hole, is listed in the chat box. But when you click the Chat link, you can see who is in each room.

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I think themed rooms are a great idea.

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What’s your theme room, @LornaLove?

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@ibstubro ‘Happy Hour!’

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