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Has anyone tried Born shoes?

Asked by Haleth (19513points) July 30th, 2014

Their website:

I want to get a seriously comfortable pair of work shoes for retail management. Sneakers would be a last resort. I wear nice business casual clothes to work and don’t stand behind a counter. So I’d prefer a pair of shoes that would look at home in an office or a professional setting. They can be frumpy- that’s totally okay! As long as they are professional.

This brand looks great, but I can’t find them in person and it’s really, really important for them to fit right. For ten hours of standing, it needs to feel like I’m walking on air.

Does anyone have personal experiences with these, or other suggestions for something similar? Thanks!

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I’ve worn Born men’s shoes. They were comfortable and supporting, just not terribly stylish. But then most men’s shoes aren’t anyway.

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@Haleth I’ve never tried Borne shoes. I don’t know where you live, but if you can find a store, this is worth looking into: For about $60 you can go to a Good Feet store and get fitted for shoe inserts. These inserts can be changed from shoe to shoe. And because they use Velcro sticky tabs to hold down the heel, you can even wear flip-flops with them. They are custom fit to each foot.

These folks tend to give you the “hard sell” trying to get you to pay $500 to $1000 on more expensive inserts, but I wasn’t interested. However, I’ve heard of people who needed them. Anyway, I just got their insert for everyday walking around, and my feet feel so much better. I’m thrilled with what I got, and I haven’t had painful feet since. I bought them 3 months ago, and just fitted my daughter and her mother in law with a set each. We’re all happy, but the best news is if they are damaged they will replace them for free!

Here’s the Good Feet link.

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I know nothing about Born but really like the Footsmart catalog.

They love feet with all kinds of problems, which covers all of us but the very young. There is extra padding, larger toe boxes, various kinds of inserts and orthotics, and a wide choice.

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I have never heard of or worn Borns, but, would agree with looking into inserts that can be used in a variety of different shoe styles. I like a couple of the womens clog design, but otherwise, frumpy doesn’t even begin to cover the ugliness of most of those styles. haha

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I own about 4 pairs of Borns. Three are ugly; one pair is sort of attractive and quite comfortable.

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I had one pair of Børn shoes that were very comfortable in the store, but less so when worn for a few hours. I donated them. I prefer Dansko shoes, and since developing foot problems due to rheumatism, I have discovered Vionic (formerly Orthaheel).

I recently saw that The Walking Company stores have their own orthotic line, calle Abeo that look very similar to the Orthaheels, but are apparently based on research out of Stanford University. I haven’t tried those yet, but next time I’m looking for shoes, I will definitely consider them.

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I’ve worn them for years, my favorite pair finally fell apart after years of wear. Comfortable for all day wear on your feet just so long as you get a style that fits your feet. Some are better than others for narrow/wide/regular feet. I also wear the BOC, the cheaper line from the same brand, and love them. Those are the stylish options. You can wear even the flip flop styles all day on your feet if you’re able to at your workplace without trouble.

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