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How do you behave when you're tired?

Asked by jca (35989points) August 5th, 2014

How do you behave when you’re tired?

I don’t want to talk. It’s easiest when I’m home alone. I don’t even feel like getting up to get food when I’m tired. If I am with a friend and they’re chatty, it’s tough.

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Grumpy, listless, no fun to be around.

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Have you ever met a bear?

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I get all floppy. I even walk differently. I just need a nap….

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I drop things a lot, too.

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This song comes to mind.

I am a horrible horrible person when I’m half awake. DO NOT INTERACT with me for the first two hours after I woke up. It will not end good for any party involved.

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I’m grumpy, I mix up words, and I tend to stumble over things I normally wouldn’t

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I get grumpy and more emotional. I can’t think straight and I may be a bit vague.

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It depends. Sometimes I’m just loopy, but a lot of the time I do get grouchy. The fatigue I’ve been experiencing with the Rheumatoid Auto-immune Disease can be pretty extreme grogginess at times. I’m pretty clumsy to begin with, so lacking focus definitely makes that worse. My concentration, memory and word-finding abilities go right out the window, too. Fortunately at this point in my life, when I sense that coming on, I can just go to bed.

The worst was when I had sleep deprivation when my son was a baby, and insomnia during stressful times in my life when he was still a young child. What made it worse was that the kid was well rested and raring to go, but I was barely functioning, yet still had to force myself to take care of my adult responsibilities. The fatigue I get when I’m having a flare is a lot like that sleep deprivation feeling when you feel somewhat disoriented and like there is little control over one’s own body. It’s scary sometimes.

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@hearkat Yikes, that sucks. Auto immune crap is mean. How did you get through it?

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@Adirondackwannabe – I didn’t “get through it”, it is chronic, progressive, and eventually debilitating; but with a degree of randomness of flaring symptoms and even some fleeting stages of remission. I was just saying yesterday that the unpredictability of it is the most frustrating aspect. The fatigue was really bad last week, and I pretty much just go to bed as soon as I get home from work. One day I was falling asleep on the drive home—that’s when it’s the most scary.

When I’m in a flare, I’m super diligent with my vitamins and I can increase my prescription dose when that happens. For fatigue, I especially push the fluids, as I tend to not drink enough and being better hydrated does seem to help.

I’m still learning what works and doesn’t work for me, as I am in the earlier stages. I am luckier than most, because my family already eats minimally processed food, so I’m not asking the others to make changes in their lifestyles. Plus they are very supportive of me – while it seems that most people in the forums I’ve joined get accused of faking their symptoms, some even by family members. Fortunately I haven’t had to call out of work yet because of the fatigue or pain.

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I’m glad your family is supportive. I can’t believe the families that say your faking it. Take care of yourself, you have young uns.

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Not meaning your family. Other families.

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Let me sleep, or else!

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Bite me Rice Girl!

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I get short tempered ,and get a touch clutzy.

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Unless it’s my bedtime, I usually drink a coffee or energy drink and then go on about my day. The result is this really weird punchy feeling, where I’m hyperalert and draggy at the same time.

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I’m a waitress, the only reason I’m so Viking is because I don’t have a choice. But if I do have a choice, it’s my two cats and fourteen pillows, and fuck the rest of everything else. It’s like, don’t even phone me, I’ll fuckin kill you.

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I get goofy. If I start laughing hysterically at something stupid, to the point I cannot catch my breath for several seconds, I’m probably ready for bed. This only happens when I’m especially tired. Run-of-the-mill bedtime tiredness doesn’t affect my behavior.

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I just want to close my eyes and cover them with my hands. I also want to be warm. Tired and cold is awful. When I am tired in the morning when first waking up it is much worse than tired at night. In the morning it is almost painful, I can barely tolerate anyone talking to me or anyone asking me for something. I’m not like that usually in the morning, I only mean when I am very sleep deprived. Even at night I dont want to move if I am exhausted. Everything is overwhelming. I’m very bad at forcing myself to stay awake when I’m extremely tired, I will just fall asleep. I see the difference between my husband and me. He can stay awake if he needs to.

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Like a virgin with a welded pussy, I can’t be fucked.

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Although a Vampire, it’s odd that when I’m tired I perform like a Zombie. Maybe I’m a hybrid. No, no, no that can’t be. Zombie’s are only retarded Vampires and I’m not retarded.

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I also notice an increase in the number of typing errors.

I do not get grumpy or nasty in any way. If I am sleeping you can wake me and I will be pleasant. Really.
I am lucky that way. I passed that trait down to one of my kids. When I would wake him at night to change a diaper, once his eyes opened and he focused enough to see me, he would smile. It was wonderful.
The other son….um… not so much.

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I can’t remember a day from the past two years when I haven’t been tired. I wake up each day with very little energy thanks to stress, an overactive bladder and sleep apnea.

What @hearkat wrote describes me perfectly, My concentration, memory and word-finding abilities go right out the window, too. I often feel indecisive and indifferent and I’ve become a bit distant. I’m happiest when I have my head on a comfy pillow.

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In the evening: Quiet, but not aggressive.

In the morning: Aggressive. Dangerous, if I am woken unceremoniously.

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@longgone Laughs. We had a wakeup service in my fraternity. One brother would go around and wake up anyone that left a tag. I got woke up, I punched the guy in the nose.

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^ Sounds like me ;)

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I ain’t waking you up. Unless it’s in a kinky way so you can’t hit me.

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^ I’m not giving guarantees…!

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Well, if you really like how I wake you up do I get bonus points?

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When I am very tired, I don’t feel good, my eyes burn and I am extremely irritable. I certainly don’t want to be around people. I have the “just leave me alone” attitude.

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