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What are some American foods that people of different cultures would find disgusting?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36077points) August 16th, 2014

Went to a Chinese buffet. They had these awful little octopus thingers. Ew no! But…many were gone.

What is some ‘Murkin food that others might find gross?

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Flavored specialty coffee from Columbia.

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I have a hard time with Rocky Mountain Oysters too!

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Peanut butter, Cheese Whiz, corn dogs, and biscuits & gravy.

The number #1 ‘food’ that foreigners don’t agree with Americans on though is Hershey’s chocolate.

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Here’s the brochure from a restaurant near where I used to work. It should answer your question:[user]=141011561&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

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I waited in a restaurant with a couple of Iranian busboys back in the seventies. They were appalled that we valued lobster as a delicacy. They didn’t even want to bus the dishes they were eaten off of. I asked them what the problem was and one asked me, “Don’t you people know that these are BUGS you are eating?” I told him that they were awfully good Maine bugs and to bus the fucking tables.

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Hot dogs, potted meat.

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Ravioli, spam. bologna, chipped beef, cod gravy, Vienna sausages,

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Cheese doodles. Food??

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yellow sludge cheese, deep fried butter, american “beer”

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I heard cinnamon is a flavor that most of the world hates, which is surprising/interesting (if true).

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Meatloaf, I would eat anything, but I won’t eat that.

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^^ So if I served it to you, you’d run like a bat out of hell?

I have heard similar comments about lobster from a Nigerian friend. He also was disgusted by fast food in general.

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Spray cheese. What the hell??

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One of my Japanese coworkers was grossed out by cream cheese. He thought it was like eating soap.

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The pumpkin spice everything craze

High fructose corn syrup

American cheese (I think the labels on most call it a “processed cheese food”)

Hot pockets

Taco bell tacos with the Doritos shell

Actually, I think all of those are revolting, too.

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Oh, I just saw this also. :D

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Fast food and chitlins…..gross

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I don’t know what they’re called but they look like a turd on a stick, blech.

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@ucme: sounds like a corn dog which, perhaps not coincidently, tastes like a turd on a stick.

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@cookieman That’s the fellas, cheap & nasty crap.

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Well, I’m grossed out by a lot of that stuff, but not cream cheese or corn dogs or lobsters. :D

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I think a lot of people in Asian countries are grossed out by most cheese and probably mayonnaise.

I would think that in France, people would be offended by most canned vegetables.

Maybe not in Mediterranean countries (who would probably love these) but I’d think that most of the world would frown upon the idea of fish tacos.

In a lot of the world, I think that people would be grossed out by avocados and more specifically guacamole.

I think most of the world would not eat nachos with bright orange processed cheese sauce.

Except for maybe the Brits, and the Canadians, other than Americans, most countries would not care for franks and beans.

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Last year when I was in America I decided to buy some nachos with melted cheese at a show I was attendending. The cheese was hardly edible, it was like melted plastic! I know that the cheese that macdonalds use is pretty rank but this was even worse. I avoided cheese for the rest of my trip and looked forward to some good old fashioned cheddar when I got back to the UK! I’m sure there is decent cheese in America but that is the only thing I can remember being really horrified by.

My boyfriend didn’t like Hershey’s Chocolate but he loved the dark chocolate Snickers you can easily find out there. We seem to only be able to find milk chocolate Snickers here!

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Oh, I just hate that canned cheese they use on nachos. I won’t eat it. It IS like melted plastic and it tastes awful.

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Last year when I was in America I decided to buy some nachos with melted cheese at a show I was attendending. The cheese was hardly edible,

Even here in the US, it’s not cheese. It’s ’‘cheese product’ or ‘cheese food’

We have plenty of good cheese here, though I admit I buy my share of English cheddar.

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Vermont cheddar is very good and is local, as I’m in New England — but I do love Kerrygold Irish cheddar (and their butter) too.

That stuff that comes on nachos is awful. Cheez Wiz, spray cheese, velveeta — what is our (American’s) fascination with crappy fake cheese??

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Well, Velveeta melts easily.

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@Dutchess_III Too easily… Suspiciously so.

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@Dutchess_III: Make a double boiler and most good cheeses melt easily as well — without all those chemicals.

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I would very much prefer to use cheddar cheese in my cheese dips, but it comes out grainy. American cheese doesn’t.

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Hot dogs, Mountain Dew, Coke, Pepsi, “fruit” juices, certain chips like Fritos or Cheetos, sugary cereals, frozen dinners. . . Blah.

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Most people find BLOOD off-putting…

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@UnholyThirst About how many Americans eat blood on a regular basis?

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@dxs I can’t think of any. That’s my point…

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@UnholyThirst The question was about American foods that people of different cultures would find disgusting. If the claim you just made stands, blood is not an American food and therefore does not answer the question.

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but blood is an american food. as long as it is the blood of brown people

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@dxs Define food. Nourishment, satisfying, quenching? Blood does that for some. Although you do not fully understand or even partially understand it does not mean it doesn’t answer the question. I am American and that’s my food…

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Cannibalism is frowned upon in most countries too, @dxs but that doesn’t mean it’s not someone’s food.

I’m hungry.

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@UnholyThirst I just disagree that it is a common food in America. If it were, I’d hear about it, but maybe you can prove me wrong. I can’t think of any dish/meal that is specific towards blood and America. @Mastema I also don’t hear about cannibalism, either.

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There’s a culture in Africa, I believe that adds cattle blood to their milk. I’m going back to Jr High, but we studied different cultures, and that was one of the foods we sampled. But they wussed out and used ketchup in the milk.

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Then there is the English Black Pudding, which is a sausage made out of pork blood and meal.

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Head cheese!

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