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Should adopt a dog from a web site, the fee is $190, shipping fee from Ohio. Should I trust this woman?

Asked by Mare1960 (23points) August 17th, 2014

I want to adopt this dog, the woman will guarantee the dog, the fee $190, shipping from Ohio. Should I trust this woman?

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Where did you see the ad? How far will the dog be shipped and how? More details please.

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Dogs shouldn’t be ‘shipped’ like a purse from eBay. I smell something suspicious.

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I found the dog on a site for Tea Cup Yorkie.

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That dog might be from a puppy farm. Do your homework.

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I would never buy a pet without meeting it in person!

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If you’re not going to pick it up, don’t get it. $190 for a teacup yorkie? I think not.

I agree that dogs should not be “shipped.”

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Horrible idea. You want a dog that has had a great start. This one is likely from a puppy mill. It could have all sorts of illnesses, not to mention the trauma it might have gone through already.

Best case, you get a dog that’s okay – but you still will have supported an idiotic way of dealing with live animals. Worst case, you either get no dog at all (the price seems much too low), or one that has behaviour problems – costing you time, money and energy.

Also, think long and hard about whether you really want such an extremely small dog…

Here is a link roughly outlining what’s bad about supporting mini-breeds.

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Thank you for all your comments. Will strongly rethink the situation.

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@Mare1960 Good for you – and welcome to Fluther! Hope you stick around :]

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Is the dog coming from Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska? These states are infamous for puppy mill breeders. I would strongly caution against it and would also suggest you go to your local shelters and rescues and find a small breed dog/puppy from a reputable source.
Research breed rescues, most states, cities have them for every breed. You might be able to find a reallynice little dog within a couple hour drive from you.

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You should not adopt a pet that you have not met, and you should not ship animals if at all avoidable (the number of horror stories for shipped animals is endless, including loss, death, and illness).

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No, they post these ads all the time, that they will ‘guarantee’ the dog, it’s a scam.

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The only dogs I bought and paid for were from place I went personally to and met the breeder, saw the situation and met both parents and others in the line. No way would I deal with anyone who thinks shipping a dog is even an option.

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Absolutely not! This is a huge scam. Next she will want a crate fee, then something else, etc. Please read this link from the Ohio Attorney General’s website.


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