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Where Is The Man Of The Hour, Espiritus Corvus?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (7201points) August 17th, 2014

It is difficult these days to be certain, where in the world is Espiritus Corvus. He last reported to be somewhere in Yucatan, Mexico. It is hard to tell, ith his spirit flying high amongst the birds, his head squarely on his shoulders, and his feet planted firmly on ground, or rather, deck. I think it is safe to say he is NOT in the U.S. For those who may not know, Espiritus Corvus has taken a number of sailing trips over the past few years. The other times he came back. Apparently, this trip he decided to extend his stay.
At least he knows he will always have a home, since having reached 10K he will have a place in the mansion.
Since I am only a yearling, I haven’t reached the mansion myself, so I can’t open the door and welcome him inside, but I have made it as far as the parking lot. It is here I have set up a lovely al fresco lunch.
I see a few jellies are impatient for the food to be served. Well, dancing is a nice way to pass the time. Do I see Kat? If I’m not mistaken, that’s her in a pink skirt! Don’t worry, jelly friends, the food won’t be long now. It is waiting to be brought out now. Here is a sneak peek. Don’t worry vegetarians! I’ve got you covered. We start off like this and I’ve heard rumor that a jelly or several will be bringing pot luck! For those with appetites a little more exotic and unusual, we have
Espiritus Corvus has taken his time getting to the mansion, but he well deserves to be there. His hard earned knowledge is presented eloquently for so many different topics.
Of all the jellies here today, Espiritus Corvus can be found ON TOP.

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Congratulation! I have read your questions and answered and I have to say you’re very wise! You are a nice addition to the mansion. The achievement has proved how valuable your contribution is here. YOU DESERVE IT!

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Happy days are here again. . . .

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Cheers! Sail on sail on sailor.
I’m pretty sure I’m your Brandy. :-)

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Well, dearie, you’ve got quite a crowd of admirers here tonight. Hope there’s still room for me in the v-berth. If not, you can find me in the nineteenth century but our snogging might be manqué.

Mazel tov anyway, love.

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Congo rats O Great Explorer! Well done!

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Congrats! I tend to read your posts twice, just to enjoy them once more!

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Nice job!!
reeaalll nniiicccee

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Congratulations! Really thought you had been here long ago. We will party on until you arrive.

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Hearty congratulations. I always love reading your perspective on things and find myself in agreement many times.

What an adventurous life you have. You remind me of that that Styx song:

“I’m sailing away…
Set an open course for the virgin sea…
Free to live the life that’s ahead of me…”

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Nicely done. Just proves if I snooze I miss out on the party. :)

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Thank you, crow, for (among many other gifts) having gotten me from one telephone pole to the next.

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All the stars in the constellation are asparkling, the crows are flying to the mansion roof to welcome the great one! Well done!

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Let me get this straight….You’re on a boat in the Caribbean. Forget about the Mansion. I say we have the party at your place!!!
Congrats on the 10k. May the Iridium satellites light your way.

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Congratulations, @Espiritus Corvus! It’s a nice way station between voyages, with hot showers and fluffy warm towels aplenty.

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Congrats, Espiritus! Wish we were with you!
Welcome to the mansion.

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Congratulations! Well done!

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Congrats man. :) Wherever you are now, here on Fluther you’re now in da house, well respected and loved by the community. I always love reading your stuff, stick around and skal, bro. :D

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Congratulationus @Espiritus_Corvus! Welcomus to the mansionus 10kus!

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Well….this ship of fools parties on. lol

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10Kongratulations @Espiritus Corvus Time to put down the anchor for a few days and put up your feet by the mansion fireside.

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As the crow flies the mansion’s spirit is not far from you.

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@LuckyGuy Shouldn’t that be “As the Crow sails…”?

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^^ Or perhaps the scow?

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The Crow is hitting Cuba soon now. He has been given his okay to be boarded.

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Thank you all so much.

I’m here because Fluther is so unique, so wierd, so beautiful, so incredible. It’s the only social networking site on the net that vehemently denies it’s a social networking site. The cryptics don’t stop there. I was in the chat room just last week and witnessed this long, drawn out, mind-numbing exchange on laundry. Laundry, for chrissakes. @Ashleigh was describing in detail how she washes her one uniform daily while @snowberry chimed in with hand washing tips. This went on for hours! What the hell was this? Nobody spends hours discussing laundry, right? So, it had to be something else. It had to be code. I looked for patterns, unusual repetitions, strange uses of words non-sequiturs, even numbers. Uniforms? This looked sinister, like maybe it was the plan to infiltrate the government, or even the GOP. God, I hoped, the left finally grew some balls! (Boy, could I taunt Sodahead with that!)

It went on for days. Then one night @dxs came in out of nowhere and said he only washed his uniform every three days. This got a strong reaction from the other two. Every three days!. That was the key. Well, ring me out to dry, I thought to myself: this is about Denial!. I haven’t exactly broken the actual code yet, but it definitely has something to do with BDSM. I just know it.

We have so many great, strange, beautiful people here. I would need a whole separate site to describe them all. We have @gailcalled, the Nike of French and English and a charming, cultured woman to boot (watch that scow stuff, please, she’s sensitive). We have @Jonesn4burgers (thank you so much for this party, Jonesy!) who can get down with the saltiest, horniest sailor too-long-at-sea and still come out on top; and @Janbb a, beautiful bebe,a genuine romantic, a sweetheart with a lifetime of literary knowledge to guide her wonderful seductions (Dish: even she came into another, totally separate chat thread and right out of the blue used the word Laundry. See? You just never know!) There‘s @Coloma and her bitter-sweet struggle to maintain the good-life-with-geese-and-equine in the high Sierras.

And then there’s @trailsillustrated. Holy christ-on-a-bicycle Trailsillustrated! Dentist, call girl, and air conditioning mechanic. Anybody here who doesn’t have at least one good Trails fantasy belongs in a seminary, a nunnery, or Quora. With regular calls to her—and the local Chinese takeout—you’ll never have to leave home again. And when Wikipedia fails us, we just send her in. A certain guy makes the call expecting a date and ends up strapped into a dental chair with Trails standing over him asking in her best sotto voce who was on the Grassy Knoll that day. (Those molars don’t look so good, buddy, maybe they should come out). And on her way out the door, she can check his goddamned air conditioner! Bloody hell, not even Quora has anything like that. They might claim to have more Mensa members, but thanks to Trails, our intelligence is better.

I love you all, I really do. Thank you so much.

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^^I’ll have what he’s having.

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Hey laundry is so much more interesting than hearing you flirt it up with j4b!

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@Espiritus_Corvus: So I am now la déesse des chaussures de sport? Merci very much.

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Hey look, it’s me and Loli dancing together!

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“Sometimes a laundry is just a laundry”


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