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How do you like your tator tots?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (7191points) August 25th, 2014

It was a discussion in chat. Maybe my last question inspired it. (see pot)

There are probably fourteen million ways to enjoy the greasy little nuggets.
What are your favorites?

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I don’t eat them anymore but when I did, I liked them either plain or with ketchup.

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Roasted on oven.

With cocktail sauce.

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Deep fried with cold ketchup and salt and pepper.

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ASshole casserole- hamburger, mixed with cream of mushroom, topped with tots, sprinkle with cheddar.

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On someone else’s plate. I will eat one to be polite otherwise you can have all of mine

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@KNOWITALL, hey, that needs to be tried.
I had spoken in chat of eating tots with cream of chicken soup dumped over them. I find them a good tummy warmer in the winter.

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@Jonesin It’s really good, lots of caalories for hardworking me, thus the ‘asshole’ name lol.

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In my mouth.
Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened in awhile because I gave up fried foods.

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I love tator tots. Sometimes I’ll melt shredded cheese ontop. I like tator tot casserole. Usually I just like them with ketchup.

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I’m a simple person. Baked in the oven and then ketchup only.

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Cooked hot and long enough to be crispy outside, then lots of salt and pepper and a bit if ketchup. And served with fried eggs.

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I haven’t had Tater Tots forever but I like them baked crispy with ketchup and with an omelet or ham and eggs. Oh man, now I am craving eggs benedict and hash browns. haha

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I have thrown a handful or two in my bachelor-style potato soup to make it feel more authentic. (The main component of the soup is potato flakes)

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With hot sauce.

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I’m surprised this has not been linked yet

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I don’t think I’ve ever had them… so no idea.

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I love tater tots. I get the ones from Trader Joe’s. I like them with ketchup, BBQ sauce, and/or mayonnaise.

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Kinda off topic but ties in. You can use frozen hash browns as the crust for a quiche. Amazingly delicious!

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i recently tried cooking them in my waffle iron. you have to thw them first, but it works great!

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Re: @Earthbound_Misfit Quick! Get the lady a tot!

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