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Dishwasher issue; the lights are on but nobody's home?

Asked by janbb (51323points) August 31st, 2014

My dishwasher has gone on strike for Labor Day. The lights go on when I turn it to on, but I can’t change some of the buttons and the Start button doesn’t work. Tried turning it off, leaving it for a bit and then back on again. No luck. It’s a Bosch; about 5 years old. Any ideas of what I can do before calling in a repair guy?

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Unplug it from the wall. Or turn off the circuit breaker for 10 minutes.

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It’s hardwired in.

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@elbanditoroso Switching the circuit breakers on and off again reset it. Yay you!!

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I see you fixed it! One other thing to consider if it happens again is maybe you had hit time delay start.

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@janbb – that worked for me once…. figured it would work for you.

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Haha…totally read your question as you having a dumb dishwasher.

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@elbanditoroso: Why would that fix it? Similar to recycling a modem (which I have to do all the time without understanding why)?

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@gailcalled Usually it fixes it when the person has accidently hit delayed start. People will say the display has a 1 on it, or some other thing that makes no sense to them (depends on the dishwasher) and it winds up being the one hour delay, or 2 hours, etc. the breaker resets it. If they never use the delay wash they aren’t familiar with how it looks on the display. @janbb‘s could have been something else, I don’t know for sure of course.

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@gailcalled – like rebooting a router or a PC. Whatever the state of the chip is inside that dishwasher, when it loses power and then reboots, it’s resetting to a default state.

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It was not on delayed start. Some of the other buttons weren’t working right as well

I figure it was the same as @elbanditoroso said, that breaking the circuit was kind of like rebooting a computer to fix a problem.

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