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When's the last time you did something that made you feel like a kid again?

Asked by fluthernutter (6323points) September 15th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m eating some cotton candy!

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Playing with my kids nearly always makes me feel like a kid again. This weekend, my kids and I were burning leaves with a magnifying glass. Just try to find something more fun than that.

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When me farted in the bath & laughed so much me got hicka bumps.

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It was about 15 minutes ago. I was out riding my bike on an easy 20 mile ride. I’m 63.

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This morning, rolling around on the grass playing with the dogs.

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Two weeks ago when I crapped my pants.

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When I’m with my 7 year old on the swings.

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Yesterday when I helped my grandson make a sword and a shield out of cardboard.

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I spent the day last Monday with my best friend since 9th grade. We reminisced about school, the price of gasoline (17 cents), girlfriends, our first drivers licenses, our parents (all gone now), and about 10,000 other things. It’s like we were kids again—right up until the time I dropped him off at the house he shares with his wife in a retirement community.

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I know I’m young, but eating a pizza Lunchable the other day brought me back to elementary school. My friends and I each made designs with the sauce on our pizza and then another friend judged whose design they liked most. I won!

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Half an hour ago, when I was deliberately sticking edible paper to the roof of my mouth. I had a friend over, and we were trying to “inhale” it (why?). It does not work. We then juggled walnuts.

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Last time, and every time I drive my car.

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Your car @SecondHandStoke? How would that remind you of being a kid?

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My car was originally designed, and a further set up by me, to be as fun to drive as possible.

As one automotive writer put it:

“Driving a fast car is the closest many adults will ever get to feeling like an athlete again.”

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I had a bunch of juice boxes

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One time when I was putting a new clutch in my car a coworker let me borrow his 5 litre Mustang.

It had a performance exhaust, catalytic converters deleted of course.

It sounded like it had a fully built race engine. It rumbled and snarled and snapped. When stopped at a light the smell of unburned gasoline wafted up from underneath.

I couldn’t help but giggle.

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That’s more of an adrenaline rush that a teenager might feel, not a kid.

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Thanks Dutchess.


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IDK, I think “kid” and “cotton candy” and I’m thinking less than the age of 10 or so.

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Jumping up and down on the bed and then lying down to watch the clouds passing by (there was a skylight above the bed). About two weeks ago.

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I took a couple hits of speed, some Viagra, and some Geritol with a tequelia chaser.

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I test drove a Corvette and the fools let me take it out by myself!

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@majorrich Are you kidding me? You son of a bitch.

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I must have looked harmless. They just set me up and off I went. LOL

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Did you see what it could do?

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Watching Tom and Jerry.

One of my guilty pleasure.

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It was pretty satisfying. I kinda puttered around the parking lot a couple times then headed up the road. Then let er rip! I even fastened my seatbelt. If you can get them to let you out, it is definitely worth the effort! it will definitely leave 11’s at will.

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It’s easy to feel like a kid when you hang out with your children. Having the Simpsons marathon on our television non-stop is one of those moments. Playing this game just about every time I go grocery shopping at Walmart with my daughter. Eating funnel cake at the carnival. Riding the giant ferris wheel in Chicago. Playing in the rain. I don’t need my children to feel young, but it helps.

Several years ago on New Year’s Eve I wanted to go sledding after midnight on a hill that was near our home. I went by myself because everyone else wanted to stay inside where it was warm. It was a moment I’ll never forget. I was all alone under the starry sky sliding down this hill. I spent a good hour all by myself having fun in the snow and stopping to look up at the beautiful sky. I felt like a child experiencing something new for the first time.

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Almost every night when I watch TV with my husband I feel all cozy and happy and it feels like when I was a kid watching TV with my sister or whole family.

This past summer I spent some time in the Catskills and I haven’t done that since I was a kid. It wasn’t exactly the same as when I was a child in terms of how I felt while there, but it was great, and a lot of memories came back.

When I dance I feel young again. Especially when I take ballet class. I haven’t done that in several years, but I just called a ballet school last week to hopefully do it again soon.

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Played under the bed covers with Zoey this morning! We made a tent.

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when I went to the park and went on the swings

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