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What are some websites that are unusual, creative, and entertaining/helpful?

Asked by bugmenot (140points) July 9th, 2008 from iPhone

I recently found the most creative site I’ve ever seen. I’m wondering if there are any websites that most people haven’t heard of, and it provides help in a new way.

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Usually when someone asks me that question I say “”

but lately the prize for creativity goes to “Green Porno” for me.

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theres a site where you dont click on anything, you just move your mouse and hold it. i cant think of the url now


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Well, of course, I think Fluther is pretty remarkable. I’d suggest going to the Webby Awards page and browsing those winners. I also subscribe to StumbleUpon and find the most amazing sites.

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I agree with chatnoir. StumbleUpon has been awesome for finding new sites. I think is unusual, creative, and entertaining. But, helpful? That depends on the help you need.

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What was the site you found?

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