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If you could instantly acquire any talent or skill, what would you choose?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) July 9th, 2008 from iPhone

Be realistic. No impossible ones, e.g.- flying, invisibility, super powers, etc.
I would pick the ability to easily pick up languages and speak them fluently.
(Supposedly the adventuer Sir Richard Francis Burton had this ability and was fluent in as many as 40 languages and dialects.)

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X-ray vision!

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Hardly a realistic ability.

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this was already posted but i would acquire the ability to instantly acquire any talent or skill

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no wishing for more wishes, skier

I would like to be more extroverted; have more of a calm, reassuring, friendly public manner.
I’m pretty shy, especially around people I don’t know well. I actually have to tell myself “Shake his hand. Smile. Look him in the eye,” et cetera.
It would be nice to instantly be a bit more gregarious.

Instantly becoming an airplane pilot would be ok, too.

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I would love to be great at casual conversation. The whole effortless, engaging banter thing totally eludes me. It would do wonders for my marriage, if nothing else.

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@waterskier2007— You are right. Sorry. I see by searching that this question was asked by cage, and not that very long ago, either. Where the hell was I?
If anyone feels that this was a good question then I suggest you track down his question (perhaps someone could post a link- difficult for me on the iPhone) and give cage some lurve.
Sorry to duplicate.

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not to take away from your question but you asked for the link

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Play the blues or speak Spanish

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Understand the underlying logic behind all computer-related activity and thought, and know intuitively, without having to search, all the infinite and ever-multiplying refinements and experimental wacko new ideas and gadgets that attach to their use.
This longing may be equivalent to Harp
and Knot’s, except they have the “male: version and I have the “female” version. I just do not intuit anything that computer “science” has to offer; I have to talk myself through every step every time. And then I talk myself through lots of them wrong.

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master the guitar

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I would say 3 way tie between
the guitar (GD)
The drums.
And as harp casual talking.

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musical instrument, guitar- piano. Master carpenter/craftsman/artisan would run a close second.

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I want to be a ventriloquism.

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be able to easily initiate conversation with girls, which i guess would go along with Harp’s post. i can never just start talking to girls which would be great to be able to do

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I just wanna fly… (remember the song?) :)

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-Be the best bass player
-Become a better actresss/comedian/singer
-Be able to tap dance
-Have a photographic memory

I know that is more than one, but it’s sooooooo hard to choose!

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Storytelling. Or parallel parking. Diplomacy. Knowing how to shop for fruit.

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