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Ok, am I the only one having problems using PM or the editing on fluther?

Asked by Pandora (29251points) September 30th, 2014

I keep getting the following message. Strange enough, it doesn’t come up when answering questions, or (crossing my fingers) when posting a question.

Forbidden (403)
CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.

If this goes through, I’m hoping someone can help me fix this if this is not a fluther issue.

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Just sent you a PM.

And edited this question.

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Also sent a PM.

Also edited. I think you have something on your end of the interweb that is causing the problem.

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Yep. I tried to PM you both and it still doesn’t work. Strange that it does let me answer and post the question. Don’t get why editing and PM doesn’t work. I can also receive PM to me. I just can’t reply.

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Apparently thanking you guys doesn’t work either.
So I switched to explorer to see if I could add this sentence. If you see it than it may mean that it is something to do with chrome settings.

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Yep, it looks like it is a chrome issue. Any suggestions on how to fix it would be appreciated.

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Have recently updated your browser ? ?

If not check Chrome for update.

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Yes, it was a recent update.

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Update again.

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I guess I will have too. Thanks for playing along so I could at least see find out if it was a fluther issue or a browser issue.
I’ll probably use explore till my daughter can take a look and make sure I didn’t do something wrong. It could also be a conflict with explorer. I was having issues with chrome before and my daughter told me to clean it out and re-install. I did that and everything was running ok for about a week and then suddenly I seem to have this problem.

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PM me after you update.

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“So I switched to explorer to see if I could add this sentence. If you see it than it may mean that it is something to do with chrome settings.” I couldn’t see it.

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@Dutchess_lll I meant if you received my PM now. The sentence you just posted. LOL
@Tropical_Willie and @Dutchess_III , Thanks!
At least I know now I can pm or edit using explorer.

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The pm that said you switched to chrome? Nope. Didn’t get it.

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Have you tried clearing the cache on Chome? If not, try that and see if it helps.

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@Seaofclouds I cleared out the cache on chrome and tried to PM you. It didn’t work.

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When I tried Chrome (years ago) I gave it up because it messed up Askville, another Q & A site that’s now defunct.

No problems with Firefox.

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Is it working for you yet? I’m using Chrome and I don’t have any similar issues.

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Why not try Firefox?

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@ibstubro , @Buttonstc I will have to ask my daughter about that. We had firefox a long time ago but my daughter told me at the time that firefox kept being compromised a lot and that chrome had very little issues. Maybe they have gotten better.
Oh, I remember. Chrome is the only one that works well with my phone apps and my tablet. When I did get rid of chrome for a while, it jacked up some of my apps. They wouldn’t work well without me having it on the computer itself.
@DrasticDreamer , It is still not working. I looked over the settings and I don’t see anything that would do this, so I’m just going to get my daughter to look it over.
Thank you all for your response.

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Have you tried deleting Chrome from your system, emptying your trash/recycling, shutting down the system for 10+ minutes, rebooting, then performing a fresh download of Chrome?

I use Firefox for Fluther; but I just tested the PM from Chrome from a non-moderator account and had no problem (sent to @Seaofclouds).

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Not yet. Waiting for my daughter to handle it. She’s the It specialist. Since this was a fresh download from Chrome and initially there was no problem for a few days, I have to wonder if perhaps something else may be in conflict. I was having problems before and so I removed it once before. This will be my 3rd download. I have no problems with Chrome on my second computer or my tablet. Just this computer.

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Are you running anti-virus software? Just searched google, and it sounds like that’s the cause of the issue on many sites. (Fluther’s forms use standard CSRF tokens for normal security. If some anti-spam software is editing them, certain forms won’t work). That’s my best guess.

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