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Is it possible for Jesus's carpentry to be still around today?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) October 8th, 2014

Joseph was a carpenter so it is possible that Jesus shared with his father’s trade. Also what about Joseph’s work.

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According to google the oldest wooden building is from around 700AD and it is 32 Meters high. If that is still standing I am sure if Jesus was to build a entertainment center and it was stored in the right conditions it would still be standing.

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It is possible. The challenge is in identifying it as work done by either Jesus or Joseph. There is no biblical record of what type of carpenter either of them were. “Carpenter” is a modern generic term that encompasses different specialties. For example, my partner’s father was a joiner; his uncle was a French polisher. Both specialized in dealing with wood, but had very different training and responsibilities

As the ‘step-son’ of Joseph, it is possible that Jesus did nothing more than an apprenticeship and later moved on to focusing on his calling.

“Carpentry” is a term that was created well after the time of Jesus. It may have been mistranslated. It may have taken on a new meaning. Unless there are more facts, there is no potential of proof.

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Sure, although wood products do not preserve well so are much rarer to find. Here is a page with artifacts from the Qumran Community, an Essene settlement located some 35 km East of Jerusalem. The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the vicinity.
The Essenes were a Jewish sect, started long before Jesus is said to have been born, whose doctrines, precepts and practices were similar to those of the early Christians. It is said that many of the teachings of Jesus are remarkably similar to those of the Essenes and there are some who believe that he may have actually learned from them. And if so, chances are that he walked and lived for a period of time in this community. Heck, the bowl shown in the link could have been one he made.

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That was a fascinating page to read.

I must say I was quite surprised by the survival of the phylactery cases. I know that leather is more durable than cloth, but still…

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I’m curious about something. Here you ask a Q requiring some fairly specialized knowledge.

Someone provides a link with info specific to the historical era and location appropriate to the Q asked (as a matter of fact I’d be hard pressed to think of any link that would be MORE appropriate) and you can’t even be bothered to click him a GA? It’s really not all that strenuous an effort, is it now?

What’s up with that?

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Matter cannot be created or destroyed.

Technically speaking it is most certainly out there somewhere.

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