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When it appropriate to tell someone that you love them?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) October 20th, 2014

What are the rules for friends?

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Ah @talljasperman, there are no rules. Just make sure that it is heartfelt and you feel that it will be received appropriately.

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When you fully understand the meaning of the word and you completely understand that you feel that way. You don’t tell people you very much like that you love them. It leads to misunderstandings.
Friends are people you like very much. You don’t have sex with friends unless they are your girlfriend (singular!) or boyfriend (again, singular!).

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It should be true. You should be real sure it is true. For friends you should get specific you mean as a friend.

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As long as it’s true, and you know each other fairly well, I’d say go for it whenever. Just don’t be that person that tells someone they love them the second day they know them. That just comes off as desperate and sometimes a bit creepy.

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When one feels comfortable and knows that the other is open to hearing that confession.
Of course there are differnt stages of love.
Give it an appropriate amount of time before declaring.
No golden rule but after eight months or even a year of dating is appropriate and even expected?

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Drunk rules or regular rules? If the former, after splitting at least one, preferably two pitchers. If the latter, 13 months.

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