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How to create a volunteerr committee handbook?

Asked by carla6411 (15points) July 10th, 2008

We have created groups to help complete a important project. We have agreed to reimburse travel and provide the meeting location, food, etc. The committee is abusing the reimbursement and we need to set some guidelines of what is accepted, what we won’t pay for and also the information they are to disclose while in the committee. I am trying to create something that is going to help with this.

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May I ask a few questions to clarify your question? Thank you.

First, are the groups you created part of the committee or is the committee to oversee the working of the groups?

Secondly, this is, as you say, a volunteer committee. Who is getting reimbursed (and why?)? And how is it being abused?

Thirdly, what is it you are trying to accomplish? A school fund raiser? A parade? A camping trip?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but as a long time committee chair of numerous volunteer events, these ought to help me get started.

One more question: What is your role in this committee?

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No problem

The groups are created to update a current program. The group/committee are the same thing I apologize for the confusion. They do volunteer their time to assist us but we agree to pay for the travel (lodge, food, miles, etc) for attending our workshops.

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I’ve never created a policy handbook for volunteer committee. I have created job descriptions and outlined goals that need to be accomplished and have outlined the policies as far as how money is spent or to be reimbursed, but it seems your committee and project are outside of my area. My guess is that this is a work related project and you need a volunteer committee for oversight. Far different than my experiences. If yours was a civic group trying to organize a volunteer committee I could probably help. Good luck! Working with volunteers can umm…be a challenge : )

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Could you maybe send me some samples of your policies and outlines as anything at this point will be a help? I am starting from scratch.

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This is a very striaghtforward thing:

Start by typing out your policies in an organized way. For example:

Reimbursement for Expenses.

Only authorized expenses will be reimbursed. The following is a list of authorized expenses and a reimbursement schedule:

Travel Expense
Mileage We reimburse at the Federal rate of XX cents per mile up to a maximum of 60 miles.

or We reimburse for fuel purchase up to a maximum of $YY. A receipt must be submitted.

Food for the evening of the committee meetings will be reimbursed up to $ZZ. A valid receipt must be submitted.

The following are not expenses eligible for reimbursement:

Please use the form below and fill in all information completely for submitting your expenses. Remember to sign and date the form. Expenses must be submitted within 45 days of the meeting in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

For more examples, check out these links:

This is a policy used by a volunteer group.

This is a much more detailed and complex policy than you need. Keep yours as simple as possible.

This one has a nice example of lists of reimbursable and non-reimbursable items.

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This is wonderful. I will try to get somethings written down. I appreciate all the information.

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@Marina: Great Answer! I send nothing but lurve your way!

Good luck Carla!

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