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If there is no x, or minimize, or back arrow to click on, what is the alternative?

Asked by flo (13158points) November 3rd, 2014

This is not happening now by the way, but the whole screen, including the icons Windows/Firefox/volume covered by a webpage that came on as a result of accidentaly cliking on keys, while wiping off the keyboard. Is s there an alternative to rebooting?

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alt+f4 usually closes the current window.
ctrl+shift+esc should open up the task manager, where you can kill programs and processes manually.

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Thanks @ragingloli
I tried to wipe off the keyboard to bring about the problem, it is not happening.

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I try “Esc” Escape.

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Control alt delete

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There is also F11. That sends most browsers (and many other apps) into “full screen” mode.

Some use Alt + Enter for that, but that is both less common, and much harder to hit accidentally.

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Thank you all.

What (which 2, or more keys) would make the whole screen get covered up anyway? I need to do it so I can try out your suggestions.

By the way I forgot to add, I had tried F11 although I have always known it to only work for removing and bringing the toolbar.

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This is not a smart phone by the way.

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I think CNTL – will do what you want.

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Alt-Spacebar places the context menu to Maximize / Minimize / Restore / Move and other choices.

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First though I need to recreate what happened. What would completely cover the screen?

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Like I said, F11 is the key for “full screen”, at least for IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

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Is there a way of maximizing the window while still having the toolbar etc. on the screen?

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It’s usually the middle of the three buttons if those are visible. Double-clicking the title bar usually works too.

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If I’m watching a video in full screen, none of those things are visible. I’m trying to multi-task.

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See my screen. It has a maximized window running a defrag utility, my browser here, XnVien which aI used to capture/save the screenshot, and a video playing in a MPC-HC window in the lower-right. Four apps, one maximized, yet all show menu bars.

If it’s a video file on your hard drive, then you can open it in a media player instead of your browser, and those will play in a window of any size, even a maximized one, without removing your menu bars.

If you are watching a video from the web though, there is no real way. You either have the tiny little “postage stamp” view that fills only a small part of the window, or you have the “full screen with no menu bars” view, with zero options in between. Browsers don’t allow the video to fill just the application window the way media player applications do.

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Thanks. Let’s hope there are people will benefit from it.

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