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Tell me the other websites which have Q&A section like yahooanswers,rediff Q&A,,wikianswer?

Asked by thinker (5points) July 11th, 2008
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That is where I go if I need things fixed ASAP. Fluther is more of a community thing.

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I have only been using Fluther for a few weeks now but in terms of ease of use and friendly and concise answers, I think it rocks!

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for Bible based questions and answers try , it distinguishes itself by that it’s backed up by Bible chapters/verses.

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Ow! My eyes! That site is nigh impossible to parse out visually. The questions, in-line google ads, and various quips all blend together in a miasma that crosses my eyes and hurts my brains.

Retreating back here to the oasis that is Fluther instantly dropped my stress level several points. Ahhhhhhh-h-h-h-h-h.


@Andrew and @Ben, a BIG thank you for having some decent design kung-fu going on here.

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Wikipedia has its Reference Desk

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Amazon has a Q&A site similar to fluther in terms of feeling of community. it’s called Askville Fluther is better though.

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