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What material is this 30 year old blanket made from?

Asked by squirbel (4297points) November 14th, 2014

This is my baby blanket and I’d like another like it. It is stupendously warm.

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It looks like mohair to me.

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mmm. hehe.

This material is quite expensive per yard. xD

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My first thought was that it was some sort of felted material, but upon closer inspection I believe the “felted” appearance is just the result of washing/aging. I would guess an inexpensive synthetic material.

“Pilling” is a common problem in synthetic blankets. Polyester and acrylic yarns, especially when the weave is slack, can be worked loose, and rebellious threads accumulate on the fabric’s surface. Natural fibers, like cotton blankets, also pill but loose, synthetic fibers are more susceptible. source

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I’m guessing it’s synthetic also. The pattern appears to have been applied after it was woven, and I think that wouldn’t likely be the case if it were a natural fiber. Because I’ve seen it before many times, I think it must have been quite common at one time. I assume you wash it and dry it in the washer?

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Looks like wool to me.

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My wife says it looks like flannel.

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It doesn’t look like a natural fibre to me, synthetic would be my guess.

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Felt Smackdown might help get you closer since you can compare properties in person. Even if it wasn’t felt on he day it was born, it looks like it now.

honestly, even in the vastness of the internet, did you think a “felt smackdown” existed?

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Is it scratchy?

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I’d take it to a fabric store.

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Wool wouldn’t be printed upon, therefor it’s synthetic. It’s warm because there are absolutely no
pinholes in it. That’s because it’s been washed so much that the weave is now all one mass.
You can shave off that layer of fluff with an electric razor if you want. Then when you wash it in the future, do so by hand, so that a new layer of fluff doesn’t get pulled out of the fibres.

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It is very scratchy.

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What? A very scratchy baby blanket?!?!?!
Sounds awful.

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Pull a few fibers off, hold with tweezers and burn over a flame. Natural fiber will burn leaving ash. Synthetic will melt into a little ball.

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So did you find out what the fabric is @squirbel ?

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