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For those of the Religious persuasion, which is the worst case scenario? (details inside)?

Asked by rojo (24159points) November 17th, 2014

our child comes to you and says they can no longer accept your way of thinking regarding God. Which would, in your opinion, be the worst choice they could make in deciding how to proceed with their lives; to become an atheist, an agnostic or to join a different religion? If religious, which would you consider the worst choice of the myriad available they could make?

Please note there is a separate question for those who are athiests.

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This one is making me think harder….I used to be born again, and my religion and my belief in God were important to me.

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For those of any persuasion, the worst case scenario (IMO) would be if my child were to blindly feel/believe what I do, simply because I do.

I want my child to question and explore all possibilities. That is a better indicator of critical thinking skills than keeping the doors closed.

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I believe it would hurt me more if he became an atheist because I would have failed to introduce him to God properly, and he is rejecting him. I would have failed my God, and my Son.
If he turned agnostic, it would be more painful for him. To doubt or be uncertain of what to believe has got to be a terrible crisis of the soul.
All I can do is to hope I gave him an example and the tools and the knowledge to make a wise choice for his own soul. It was entrusted to me to guide him to adulthood. I did the best I could.

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I didn’t even question God’s existence until 2007 when struck up a friendship on with the most logical and patient Jewish athiest person I’ve ever known. That would be Osorao here. It probably would have devastated my Mom if she had known, so I wouldn’t have ever mentioned it to her.

I haven’t told my kids that by belief’s have changed from the way I raised them. Pretty sure my son is agnostic. My middle daughter believes and I would never try to take that from her. My oldest…not sure. I think she’s mad at God.

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Joining a cult that steals everything from her/him.

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The best possible scenario out of that would that they become an agnostic, they would have at least some redeeming hope, all the others they would be doomed.

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I would tell them to read this book and get back to me, which sort of cancels out your false alternative.

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Meh. I have two grandkids who are atheists. It doesn’t change my feelings for them, or change how I relate to them. I certainly won’t make them go to church if they don’t want to go. I’ll continue to pray for them as I always have. I’d rather they be honest with me than otherwise.

I have absolutely no patience with people who try to manipulate others into believing one way or another, and I don’t and won’t do it to anyone else.

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The worst could be to be killed in my sleep, as a sacrifice to their new god.

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^ too bad that was not an option presented by the OP pertaining to this question, but some people will go around the block than actually answer a question.

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OK. I’m religious and I have to choose what the worst thing that could happen to them is. Obviously, going to hell for ETERNITY. All that fire and no water. Although why someone with no physical body would care about fire and water is beyond me.

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Until about 10 years ago I believed that Jesus was the son of God but I hardly ever went to church or read the Bible. I’m agnostic now and question everything. So the worst case scenario of the choices you present I think would be that my adult child told me that he/she chose to join the Mormon church. I’ve been to the Mormon church several times and have read the Book of Mormon (BOM) from cover to cover. Modern science has proven that the events told in the BOM never took place. Yet millions of people believe it to be true. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see the real indisputable truth even as it it presented to them.

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From previous threads, I thought that the worst case scenario would be to become a Scientologist.

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@rojo Mormons are cowards, afraid of the truth. Scientologists are just fools.

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Being atbeist. Based on my experience they just seem unhappy. Being happy is the important thing.

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I’m not unhappy. I’m just the same temperament as when I was born again for all those years.
Osorareo doesn’t strike me as unhappy either.

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< Not unhappy either.

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